The Earth comes into its natural controlled states after the Control System change (2011.04.24) and is getting free of the former external interventionist control dependence, bringing itself and its program states of harmony development into its true nature, implementing its rehabilitation into its former states at high rates. But most importantly, it is bringing all the true and native Control Complexes into their effective controlling physical state! And all this is already being performed within the framework of the Transitional period (12 years), and not somewhere in the distant future! Everything is happening before our eyes. And one of these elements we will have to go through from January 17 to January 21, 2019. Very superficially we are just beginning to touch the new facets of the true values in our present state of Consciousness and the level of Knowledge, but this amazes our understanding of the reality of the ongoing events taking place around us. We should not be afraid of and frightened with, and even more so - argue in the kitchen and in social networks, what poor life we live and who is to blame for this (we have been already well aware of these kind of people). We HAVE TO GO FORWARD AND GET TO KNOW, because all this is directly related to the re-creation of Man and the Life Support System on our Earth. 

But now the Earth, under the outside control, is only reconstituting its two true Control Complexes Altai-1, Altai-2 

and recently "awakened" the Ural Complex, with its "unfolding" periphery, to which Vyborg Complex, as one of the components in the North West, relates. 

As a cosmophysical process for the recreation of the true conditions of the Earth civilization development, this is quite enough to ensure the current level of energy-information support of the true control processes with the executing activities of people and their social Consciousness formation, changes in their being for the Transition period and so on. Of course, the "Mirrors" of the Control Complexes are extraordinary important, but today, they are not the only means of transmission for providing energy-information support for the being of all living on our planet. In addition to Mirrors, other means of translation and support, such as the star of our Solar System (the Sun) with all its system objects for generating and transmitting "energy-information" flows (as part of the magnetic energy flows from the Sun, but with specific parameters and special velocity characteristics of matter flows as they move to the Earth), as well as the stars of other stellar Systems participating by their controlling influence of the transmitted flows with their specific "energy-information" (with its own special set of parameters and joyful star twinkling, pleasing astronomers) at this stage of the Earth's civilization development (the entire group of Sirius Civilization with all their stellar Systems, their generating objects and all sorts of special planetary translators); stellar Pulsars[1], as generating devices for bringing energies in their non-inertial and inertial states to such a gravitational complex implementation of the control influence under which at all possible levels there formed conditions for converting matter of electric and magnetic energies into the substance, imparting it a specifically expressed functional constructive form of the bodies (for people, through interaction with their Brain, with all the resulting consequences); the Earth re-translators of the Control Complexes with a part of the Atmosphere grating (in certain episodes supporting both human and all the living being); FRESH WATER, as the most capacious on the Earth storage and repository of the incoming or generated on the Earth "energy-information". But I will tell you about it later both in the articles and the book. That's the way, the world is getting so much more interesting right before our eyes, in addition to the songs of the morning nightingales and amazing changes in the cost of oil and housing and public utilities!

Now, the cosmophysical process itself, related to the formation of the COLLECTIVE PATTERN OF CONNECTING THE BRAIN NEURONS of people (individuals) involved in executing processes under the influencing control of the gravitational character using the energy substance "energy-information" as the material information repository of the reality surrounding us now -  is the basic foundation for the public Consciousness formation, as a kind of universal scenario of joint actions, realized in the past, present and future, and perceived as a temporary single image of the concepts about the events of the collective perception of it in today's present. And all together - it is a complex cosmophysical process of the real, being accomplished at the given moment programmatically planned implementation of something in the future, carrying in itself the true physics of the fields for its implementation. I want to note here the importance of the fact that without the Pulsars of the stellar level of dimensional scale, all of the above is impossible to be implemented at all! Especially with regard to the transition from non-being to being (Lao Qi: "All Existing is arisen from being. And being - from non-being").

I decided to write this clarification to what is happening today, after the long-awaited continuation of the information from the "Constructive Theory of Everything" published on the website of the Research Institute of the CPS http://www.salvatorem.ru/?page_id=3734 and my conversation with the author, B. Makov, so that people would be ready for the process, which WILL START TO SHOW from January 17, 2019.

And now - to the point, and some recommendations, which you can accept, or not accept - this is up to everyone who has read the information.

On January 19, there begin to work simultaneously 64 Stellar Pulsars (such an event has never happened before!) in the Sirius Civilization group. This is the most complex process of transforming the life support system on our Earth. Everyone and everything will be subject to this process! This especially concerns fresh water, as the most capacious of the coming and here on the Earth generated "energy-information" repository, as well as the Brain of people, in the formation of new neuron connection patterns or the destruction of the existing patterns. The peak of this process is from January 19 (time 23.15) to January 20 (time 04.00).

There might happen anything, and not only to the health of people. All the water on the Earth acquires a completely different format of its construction, including the form of the energy grating. This will bring a lot of changes, in people too - especially the Brain. Another thing is what Brain can withstand... (I do not frighten, but just state).

The "SvetL" Complex, in all its versions, will "ease" possible disorders related to people's health, but not as much as it does daily. And this is an objective process, which will become clear from the above.

Simple prescription that is desirable to follow, regardless of whether you are a user of the "SvetL" complex or not:

- do not panic, whatever is happening to you, and try, doing your best to endure this (putting it mildly) possible discomfort;

- most effective are garlic and honey. Chop a clove of garlic. Mix with a teaspoon of good (!) honey and eat, washed down with water (preferably from "SvetL"), or spring water. But not boiled or botanized. And do the same in the morning and in the evening (before or after eating - does not matter!)

Honey and garlic - is the protection and adaptation of your vessels (their elasticity) and blood to what is happening. Water is a retranslator and at the same time a regulator of information that will flow both into the Brain and through the Brain into all the flesh cells, both healthy and sick ones. I recommend you should start from the moment of reading this information and follow this prescription until the end of the month, and those who wish can go on for another month and then take a break for a month in which to decide on the continuation of using this remedy.

I wish you all success and optimism!


F. Shkrudnev

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