Power is not in Knowledge but in Comprehension,

 which begins with Cognition

After another proposal to work with the Spade, take the Broom and try to get to the Bath - new upcoming “calluses” of Knowledge are obvious even for those who have already gotten used to the tool, the incomprehensible looks of those who are sizing up the efforts of those who work with the tool, and the sympathetic grimaces of those who consider this work useless or even detrimental as a minimum for those who look.


There are enough of those who will not be asked ANY MORE to read the New Knowledge books. They will not take the Book in their hands, and even if they peek into it out of curiosity, this will be their only attempt; however, their shouting about the uselessness of the above will be the loudest. Or, the other way round, they will pretend they do not know anything (even if they suddenly do find out something), and therefore they will not tell anyone anything (the book however, may even be hidden under their pillow). There is another rather noticeable tendency, written by Beaumarchais: to pretend that you do not know what everyone knows, or to pretend that you know what no one else knows - the “significance” among those around them guarantees that the book is not needed at all for their purpose. And while some are shouting, others keep quiet, many others, alas, believe such exclamations or do not hear them - the shouting ones are too loud and the quiet ones are too quiet. The habit of thinking with the abilities "given to the brain" has not yet taken root and was not even intended for the majority; and the “liberated” do not have time to believe in the changes that have taken place for the better - they are too busy with the usual accumulation of everything or even quite unusual "revolt of consciousness.” Anyway, it will be gone soon and is already in the process of going: The book is not a needle - it cannot be hidden in a stack, or in a sack - the information it carries is too significant and is just as noticeable to those who made it. And the Native Earth Control System does not sleep either: one year of its effort put into restoration of the true states of being and energies does not equal two years, but instead equals many decades or even more.

Similarly to sliding down the hill, and more so from the "hill of opportunities" (if they have any time left…) back to the "top" to which a common person reaches by about the age of 32, then - head over heels downward - according to the results of the accumulated potential (the maximum potential for human life support is 12762.768621х1018 volts/м3; the minimum is 6438.458723х1018 volts/м3). The correctness of the "chosen" method of descent is clear only at the end; however, people were not given any other way out, except to "slide down after climbing." It was even made possible to learn about the dangerous "turns of the track" before it was "conquered," but the information received was far from the reality, and the information about those who invented this "roller coaster" and its purpose were not revealed at all. 

The "use" of the elephant, the methods of imposing knowledge, and the controlling of people have long been described and should have been well studied by those who are interested; however, this new Book contains many more new pages, which should also be "dug up" in front of the door to the Bath (or the Dressing Room – depending on one’s “luck"). The Book is, rather, not for calloused hands, although the benefit of repetition is well explained by Nicolai Levashov, and a portion of the "pleasure hormone" is unlikely to be superfluous – since it is vital for the body... And more for those who merely celebrate the Day of Knowledge on September 1st, and not the ways to the Knowledge, and for whom the book is the source of Knowledge, instead of just some information. After all, the Knowledge is generated by the Brain, which stores on the shelves of understanding and preservation that which has been received with the eyes or ears. Thanks to Chernyshevsky, Rakhmetov has “read” two books from each field of human knowledge (“What Is To Be Done?”), and he only seemed knowledgeable, but was not: the shelves for storing the information, apparently, turned out to be quite empty. Cognition is the fate of the Mind in the current state of Consciousness, achieved by reading with comprehension, leading in multiples to other levels of possibilities of understanding: Man, as it should be well-known to those who have studied the above, perceives only the information that he is ready to understand by his achieved level of Development at the moment of opening the book. Therefore, it is vitally imperative to read books, especially Books that carry information about knowledge, its origins, the reasons for the readers’ imperceptions, the ways and means of assistance available today to anyone, regardless of the ability to understand that which is stated at that moment - thanks to them there will be a tomorrow, and it will be brighter. And in general it helps. Especially when reading the right books repeatedly...

Behind all the falsity of what is happening today, there is something greater and preliminary in truth than the result of the distortion in the letters, made into words, sentences, pages, and even books - considering each describes an elephant from the heights of their intellectual capabilities, and their ideas and challenges. The Truth cannot be subjective - these are only facets of the Truth. And the phenomenon of all Being, including the living and the non-living, is preceded by INFORMATION, the IDEA of CREATION, embodied in the Construct of actions through energy gratings, then enveloped in the being by a charge on their facets through the use of non-being energy. For the implementation of the intended, and not just a mere announcement in the news. And words are an obvious SECONDARY TOOL OF HUMAN POSSIBILITIES used to describe an Idea, the simplest and most obvious result of the problematic use of which is just like child’s play. Childhood days are over - Midgard-Earth is at the second grade milestone of its development, which requires different states of the planet and the capabilities of the Brain of those living on it. And future news releases on Earth obviously will be communicated without the words of the announcer and a distortion of the situation by journalists and editors (if at all this news will ever be needed), unless the “digitalizers” come up with a graphic editor for the brain. But this is unlikely - Brains are not "given" for that.

Behind the falsity of what has happened is the illusion of the anticipated future. You can still look into it out of curiosity or to avoid other people's plans – there is too much of the bitterness of the past being observed today in an effort to turn the famous wheel back. Illusions are like fog which makes it difficult to "land." Airplanes are forced to circle in search of the coveted landing strip, or expect natural grace, it is more difficult for them - they depend on other people's "whims." It is easier for people - they can already enjoy the freedom that has come due to the change of the Systemic power on the planet, the main thing is to correctly calculate the "taken" dose (especially in the fight against the past remnants in oneself and that of the “elite"), so that the consequences of eliminating the "bondage of the soul" do not lead to a different bondage. Ustin Akimych ("Shadows Disappear At Noon"), without knowing it, has long developed a good mechanism for "dispersing the fog". Its application to the already well-known major September events in the United States seems to be catching and an interesting result for those who will look into the Book, or follow the path "I doubt it, though" themselves, "cutting through" their own "window to Europe", and while doing it, keep in mind the wind that will blow out of it, which can turn out to be dangerous for those who follow. And such a Book is not only the best gift, as in general, but is also a reliable remedy against harmful "drafts". In that the Book’s uniqueness is guaranteed.

Born in Labor, the fifth book, “N. Levashov’s "SvetL” Broom" in A. Khatybov’s "Bath School” and a Labor Spade," again urges the reader with the Broom into the Bath after Laboring with a Spade, choosing for these earlier "missed "places" in the readers’ heads and recalling the Scientists who created all these tools. What they accomplished was revealed from new angles through the efforts of the author - Feodor D. Shkrudnev, whose scale of thinking clearly corresponds to the "dimensions" of the problems described and the subjects raised, thereby guaranteeing an undistorted and intelligible PRESENTATION of the Works of the well-known and hitherto not very well known Scientists, his great experience, the results of Creations, the conclusions of what is observed around and not too noticeable – the matter is still "dark" for the majority. And through the efforts of Irina Barsukova, a talented Belarusian artist, who has passed this Work through herself and created colorful illustrations to this Book (and others) with obvious gratitude of the author and, for sure, the readers’ appreciation of her Talent. Behind the seemingly simple fact of her friendship with Feodor Shkrudnev is the authenticity of the New Knowledge ideas about the indigenous peoples who unite those living in Russia and Belarus, for whom there are no state borders in the spatial and other unity of the future Life Support Zone, which is now being formed by the Native Earth Control System, with the code name "Russia." As for the readers’ subjective PERCEPTION of the words, sentences, and pages on which all the information of the New Knowledge is given, then everyone, naturally, is able to see and understand what they are capable of - negative emotions are inappropriate, moreover, they are detrimental. And all the roots of the current events are better seen by looking in the mirror. The use of the “SvetL” Technologies guarantees high quality “images” and the elimination of the causes of their distortion. You just have to learn to wait, and learn to correctly use everything that has already been created on their basis and those still being planned. In the Harmony of Instruments and their Application, the melody based on "la-la-la" will immediately change to "Na-Na-Na." With all the ensuing consequences…

Words of gratitude to the author for the great Work and thankfulness to the Creators for the collection of personal responses with the results of the Technologies’ use. Such responses are welcomed and sometimes even encouraged at the Competitions periodically held by the Russian Scientific and Technical Society.

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