The end does not justify the means, but submits the means and methods of its achievement to one's own will. Any deviation from this awareness and the target is missed. Today, as a consequence of  a (recently halted) thousands-of-years long project of creating specific Brain genotypes, both the Brain and the flesh of Man are crippled beyond recognition   Humankind is  reduced to the expression  of the lower materialistic  basic instincts, densely clouded by ignorance and disbelief and on a path toward Destruction and annihilation by consumerism, instead of the path that leads to spiritual Development through the Harmony of the four Hypostasis (peace, minimal indivisible actions, form and expediency) of material idealism, the balance of Veritable Faith and  Knowledge.

Ignorance of the laws of nature does not prevent their effects on all levels of dimensional scale. The organizational control hierarchy is reliably hidden from view, the structure and the means are manifested, but not yet comprehended. Not needed in the past; and the scale not yet comprehensible for the present. With "affectionate smacks," Nature is trying to return  the undereducated student, who still prefers "theater" to life, from the elementary school desk to the school desk of Civilizations of Thinking (Conceptual) Orientation. It's simple. The hard work of salvation lies in the beauty of the Harmony of comprehension and the agreement of each man's discontented internal state with the objective laws of nature which are unified at all levels, from macro to micro. For a long time, people have, unsuccessfully and THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR own, tried to disregard this truth, finding "excuses" and "walking as masters" round their "unbounded kingdom." Well, they have walked through, and it is now time to come back. Helping hands are being extended from all sides. They should not be rejected out of pride and ignorance, but accepted. It is time to return with our minds restored, with recognition and understanding, and to become a part of the Earth Mind. 

At present, new thinking in science is rapidly gaining strength, although striking individual developments have not yet been brought together. There is no consistent and comprehensive scientific paradigm yet, capable of replacing the mechanistic model of the Universe, but unusually quickly more and more new fragments are added to this impressive mosaic. It is extremely important for the future of this New Science, which is bringing forth this New Knowledge, that these New aspirations gain recognition not only in the so-called "scientific community," but more importantly, in the minds of the majority of everyday people. It is precisely because of this that there has arisen  a STRONG NECESSITY to present MY RESEARCH data in the field of  restoring human health and the potential to restore their states of harmony with the present-day Planet and Humanity's Life Support System.

What, then, is most  important today in the context of those changes that affect all aspects of human life, including health, physical condition, the psyche, and, perhaps most weighty, - longevity, or the time that can be granted? There are very few who can answer this question that is most pressing for us all. But it must be answered. And answered correctly - for the System does not leave room for errors, especially those that go beyond the "narrow" framework of people's judgments.

It is appropriate to remind  you here that the purpose of all the programmed experiments and interventions  made to and with  Man was: to apply the unique perfection and capabilities of the human body (the  vestment or shirt worn by the essence or spirit) in relation to the changed environmental conditions, i.e., to reveal all the secrets of the living cell; to adapt the Life Support systems and Bio-centers of the Earth to the capabilities of the interventionists' control systems; and to fill in or integrate missing or inadequate systems. However, this entire "plan" WAS NOT IMPLEMENTED, it was a complete failure, which, in fact, has brought man's health into such disconformities with the level of the new Human Life Support System's operation, and which  has affected the orientation of the functional development of the Human Brain , and has affected  the programmed informational support of their executing involvement in  event-driven chrono-processes, through the "unbalanced" Brain and  the framework of the incomplete Programs of "Brain Genotype Development" and "Energy Biogenesis of Cells Development."

 All of this was a kind of "complex impetus" to solve the problem of preserving humanity to the greatest possible extent by improving their health, and through the restoration of the function and the possible evolution of the Brain. This is how and why the "SvetL" Programs came into being.

More and more people today experience the grief and frustration of a too-short unfinished and incomplete life. There was a need for a solution, which, as always, lay on the surface and was "found" precisely at just that time - both  in the development (addition and enhancement of capabilities) of the"SvetL" Programs, and also as a kind of "independent tool" for those who do not know of the capabilities of the "SvetL" Programs.  This can be considered an INSIGHT, the result of a QUEST to find a way to improve the capabilities of the Programs, an attempt to find a solution in the HISTORICAL PAST, related to the healing of people under the conditions of impossibility of giving a high octave potential to the Brain and body. It was of special interest to look into history after realizing that many centuries ago, in the framework of the abovementioned Genotype Development programs, the necessary information to combat the various ailments and the shortening of longevity of the human body (which were the consequences of distortions in the harmonies of the inner conditions), HAD BEEN SYSTEMATICALLY TRANSLATED to the representatives of medicine. The well-known Greek philosopher Aristotle, the Central Asian scientist Al-Biruni, the Arab Ibn Rushd (Averroes), the medieval French pharmacist Guy de la Fontaine, Leonardo da Vinci, physician, scientist and philosopher Ibn Sina (Avicenna) - these most famous historical personalities obtained the necessary information from the "interventionist" Earth Control System (ECS) and APPLIED IT in the invention of preparations and methods of treatment. The most complete document that has come down to us is Avicenna's "The Canon of Medicine"[1]. Among them, a significant place was taken, strange enough, by the so-called MUMIJO (Shilajit) ("mountain tar-like substance", "mountain balsam", "mountain stone "bragshoon", "stone oil") - a preparation by its origin still unknown to science, used to TREAT PEOPLE FOR MANY DISEASES, in the solution of which staphylococci and many other pathogenic bacteria die (and with more efficiency than from penicillin).

There was superficially so much UNSATISFIED DEMAND for this extremely useful substance, apparently limited by the needs of the elite 4XX genotypes, that it was actively replaced by charlatans, grifters, and swindlers for the sake of profit, with various surrogates, including the liquid obtained as a result of the boiling of corpses, which was presented as a healing substance. Charlatans, grifters, and swindlers of all times and stripes are alike and they are not subject to the ongoing by their essence! Everything was done so that this healing product had an extremely limited distribution and was available only to the elite. And with the "invention" of the pill as a means of "effective healing" (or rather, gradual destruction), the arising pharmacological "business" did its utmost so that EVERYTHING RELATED TO MUMIJO went into oblivion, and so that  information about it remained exclusively with those who lived in the areas where the mumijo was found. Some time ago, especially after 2012, the information about the healing properties of mumijo began to come "into the light." Realizing that this process cannot be stopped,  modern charlatans, grifters, and swindlers, especially those from pharmacology, put a product they called mumijo on the market, which did not have healing properties due to low quality and improper processing, and started distributing it at low cost to pharmaceutical vendors, causing people to be suspicious and skeptical of this "remedy." Analysis of the preparation distributed by pharmacy chains showed the substance to be at only 30% purity IN THE BEST CASES.Generally, the product is closer to 3 to 6% initial purity. However, surprisingly enough, even with this percentage ratio it is more effective than a number of expensive preparations.

The structure of  "mountain tar," as established by some scientists, includes  organic compounds (72.28%), inorganic compounds and water (11.9%), and specific chemical elements of the Mendeleev periodic table (CaO - 1.54%, MgO - 2.31%, N2O - 4.95%, P4O - 0.36%, free radicals of organic substances, salts  Pb, Si, P, Fe, Mn, Na, Sn, Ag, Vi, Co, Va, Zn, Ba, S, Be, Cu, Mo, B) and the compiled formula (inorganic component - CaSi (K, Na) 5C25H5O26, organic - С6Н6О3); none of which could explain the many secrets of healing and other properties of the substance, for example, the fact, inexplicable and incomprehensible to the scientists  that the proportions of elements contained in mumijo  of  practically the entire periodic table CORRESPOND TO THE RATIO of elements IN the HUMAN BODY.

Such a "coincidence" and confirmed similarity of the physical, chemical and therapeutic capabilities of  "mountain balsam" collected in different areas of its manifestation (Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Siberia, the Caucasus, the Far East, Yakutia, Chukotka, Altai, Iran, Arabia, India, Indonesia, Australia, Burma, Mongolia), exclude the possibility of randomness (naturalness) in its formation. The scientific silence on the topic is evidence of ignorance of all stages of the complex process of the formation of any substance, apparently consisting of the stability of its form states, prevailing over its other synthesis processes, giving rise to a constructive arrangement of everything at the most minimum indivisible level, acquiring energy and only after that - into the substance, and in the acquired ability to "change" the INERT STATE TO a LIVING ONE. Similarly, with the controlling influence of the gravitational nature of "energy-information," affecting the behavior and being of living matter and its life support elements, the very idea of which is absent from modern science. Moreover, this is manifested in realizing the mechanisms of  mumijo formation, including the sources and means - pulsars of a star level of dimensional scale, individual for their star systems and directly involved in the formation of the controlling and monitoring systems  over the state and operation of planetary Life Support Systems and through them, the control, in particular, of all the states and life support conditions (for example, energy-information states of water, atmosphere layers, complex and regionally different states of  magnetic field formations, considering continental geographical and climatic peculiarities of the planet) and the ways of movement of energy substances. In December 2012, the addition of the new control and maintenance of the oscillation cycle (1.008 sec.), which is the true recreated time of the Earth at its first stage of civilizational development, was carried out by the recovered Control Complex Altai, which is more than interesting for us in this matter. And of course, the Ural Control Complex, which had not been operating for the last 18,000 years and was "started up" in February 2013, manifesting its rebirth with the phenomenon that is now called the Chelyabinsk Meteor.

Following the "beaten track" of the necessity to scientifically cover up any ignorance, many scientists tried to find familiar (stereotyped) explanations for mumijo formation[2], but all the proposed versions known to the material world - biological, geological, bituminous, of bee or mice origin - melted like Spring snow in the sunshine under the pressure of elementary questions to which no answers were found. Apparently, because of this,  official medical science DOES NOT RECOGNIZE MUMIJOand only a "coincidence" in the need for space exploration aroused attention to it in  Soviet times. People are indebted to S. P. Korolev, P. R. Popovich (the leader of the expeditions) and the physician I. P. Neumyvakin for the results of their interest in "mountain stone". This was the first attempt to connect Space and man who was "exposed" to space (his Brain and flesh), with the quest for ways to restore astronauts in the shortest possible time and with the lack of effective results from scientific and medical research. The direction of this quest is the correction of changes caused by the interference in the life support system of the astronauts' Brain when they are launched into space.

Mumijo was found, processed through the methods found by  I.P. Neumyvakin, who collected numerous stories of local people on its preparation, and who applied it for the astronauts, both before launching them into Space, and also mainly after returning them to the Earth. The effects amazed many distinguished figures from medicine, but, of course, it was concealed from people as well as from the numerous researchers who were interested in its medical capabilities and origin, by imposing secrecy under various pretexts.

The basic outcome of the quest for the sources of mumijo formation is the confirmation of the conclusion contained in the fifth century book "Judshi": an animal related to the rabbit with short legs, rounded ears and a completely invisible tail called a pika (Alpine, Collared, Northern), is responsible for the formation of mumijo. The tendency of its organism not to completely digest everything eaten (the remains of mountain plants in this theory give an impetus to the subsequent formation of mumijo), apparently, prompted researchers to such a 

conclusion. A few factors do not seem to fit into this "scheme." The total volumes of some mumijo deposits are estimated at 500-2,000 tons (how much grass should be found and eaten by pikas in the mountains!?), and the shape of some "deposits" form stalactites, thus leading to questions  as to the feasibility and possibility of rodents leaving this litter on "the ceiling."

The authority of the past and the present (N.F. Vorobyov, who has studied the mumijo for a long time and therefore appreciable in scientific circles) played a likely role in forming these opinions. But the main issue is the lack of  understanding of all the controlling processes of the Earth in the hierarchy of Supersystem and System impacts on the Subsystem, where one of the important issues, besides the participation of quasars, magnetars and pulsars in the synthesis of energy and matter, in the context under consideration, is the "medium of extension" -  the control of the inertial and non-inertial components of being of the material and the non-material (and its transition) carried out by the non-inertial part - unknown and not recognized by science, on the planetary level using gravitational communication tubes, having an arrangement similar to the Shukhov Tower, with a distinctly noticeable "honeycomb" structure in the frames of the "Maxim Laws" introduced by Alexander Khatybov that determined the inertia of mass in the lack of electrical potential.

Well, as the "Dilettante of Science" says, it seems it's time to go  after the truth about the origin of Stone Oil, and as you might guess, because it's accepted so by the researchers, - to the mountains. Before this, however, it is better to take a bath. It's more useful, of course, to take The Bath (Brain restructuring), but the first one will do for the current purpose, especially if you supplement the procedure of cleansing the body of toxins with removing sulfur "wax" from your ears, paying attention to its antifungal and antibacterial abilities. Is it not a familiar product of natural processes, whose origin (excretion by special glands located at the entrance to the auditory canal) is supposedly known to science? The glands, indeed, are the same, but the sulfur "wax" and its properties change over time and vary in different people, although scientists are interested in imaginary "racial" differences, and not the genuine ones - the Brain genotypes. The reason is that this SULFUR (not to be confused with natural sulfur, consisting of four stable isotopes: 32S (95,02 %), 33S (0,75 %), 34S (4,21 %), 36S (0,02 %)) - is THE PRODUCT OF BRAIN ACTIVITY with the control influence focused on the life support needs!

Pertaining to the subject, an inquisitive reader might exclaim: "Well, okay, let it be sulfur! But it and the Brain are here, and where is the mumijo"? And he will be next to wrong or entirely wrong if he carefully looks at the structure of the Ebr (interventionists) Earth Control System, especially those in  yellow as being directly related to the human Brain genotypes.


(This list is incomplete. Special Systems such as Sichuan are not included. The Complexes of South-East Asia, the Far East, South-West and the Altai Complex, which began its restoration in 2012, are also not included)

 What do they have in common? MOUNTAINS. To which WE ARE GOING, to find Mountain Tar in their crevices, grottoes and caves. What about the pikas? They just love to eat it, leaving us a part of the "product" thanks to the peculiarities of their organism (they don't digest everything that is eaten). Moreover, they look for it and run to it, like cats to catnip. Other mountain inhabitants clearly are not notable for this type of kindness, reducing the supply of useful substances accessible to people, just like water, in which Mountain Stone readily dissolves without a trace. The limited patterns of theories of the origin of mountain balsam used and developed by scientists, unfortunately, do not allow us to substantiate the places of its formation from the point of view of the mountain structures composition, relying on the existing studies - there ought to be case studies. But in their most general form, the "mountain anomalies" sometimes marked by them - the Earth mantle degassing pipes, a silicate layer, breaks of dome-ring elevations - are just the evidence of the necessity for a different rock composition as the MASS PREVALENCE ENVIRONMENTwhich, as can be assumed, is supposed to have a cellular structure, similar to the Shukhov Tower. For mumijo is the PRODUCT of the  CONTROL COMPLEXES' ACTIVITY for the  LIFE SUPPORT of PEOPLEToday it is the product of the NEW COMPLEXES with new goals, and therefore invaluable by their manifested programs and mumijo properties. The way it appears on the surface is probably clear, and apparently similar to the method used to transfer energies from the Complexes to the cords, "entangling" the Earth due to the Ebr systems. Once again, the inquisitive reader, knowing the sad fate of the Ebr System, will understand that the old Control Complexes are partially destroyed, partially put out of action, and he will be nearly right, but only nearly - the new, native Altai Systems already work properly under the new programs, and the Ural Complex assists them. So the mumijo in the Altai and the Urals will be of the quality necessary for the reviving Man. It will only be necessary to learn how to look for it (and who should look for it), process AND "activate" by linking it with the Control System. Now, it's probably clear what to get rid of and where to look for the purest...

And so, little by little, we come up to the most interesting part. Our colleague, Lyubov Shkuropat from Novosibirsk, not relying on medical treatment and the uncertainty of the promised results for her condition, studied the obtainable information on Mountain Balsam, went to Altai, got the natural raw material with the help of the local people and made mumijo out of it. She recovered from her ailment and now helps others. Analysis carried out by several scientific laboratories using the "preparation" she had prepared shocked the scientists - 100% purity of mumijo is unattainable with modern means, while the healing properties are guaranteed by correctly selected processing methods that take into account EVEN WATER TEMPERATURE IN THE PROCESS OF CLEANSING. The LIVING substance - which acts differently at different times - either spreading "happily" along the vessel, or "menacingly" curtailing into a solid crystal - ought to be treated as living, and not by dissolving industrially in a column extractor, in which the useful part is extracted by "microhydroshocks" of pulsating water followed with filtration by centrifugation, clarification through a polymer membrane and drying using a rotary-film dryer. The output product is a powder! What remains alive in it - is an open question. Only with loving hands, with diligence and continuous curiosity can the results be achieved. It took THREE MONTHS, including purification of raw product, separation from impurities using water, the temperature of which did not exceed human body temperature, which preserved healing properties, filtering and settling to remove insoluble sediment, evaporation and drying at various temperatures (strictly limited by the upper limit and used by specially selected faience and ceramic dishes in artificial and natural conditions).

To the above it should be added that the present yield of useful product, which can improve metabolic processes and enhance the regeneration of various body tissues, which is absolutely harmless to Man, not causing allergies, anaphylactic shock, or other side effects, achieved by manual preparation is just over 2% of the volume of the initial raw material. It is not absorbed into the blood, lowers cholesterol, relieves inflammation and prevents absorption of toxic substances by the intestines during infections or food poisoning. It brings organs of the digestive system to normal functioning. When applied externally, it has analgesic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect. And of course, all the so-called "heart disorders:" heart attacks, strokes, heart valve calcification and much, much more give in to this balsam. It was not for nothing that Avicenna called mumijo "an all-healing balm," which helps in the treatment of bone fractures, dislocations, sore throat, bronchial asthma, suppuration from the ear and diminished hearing, poisonous snake bites, stomach ulcers and liver diseases, it is believed that it "gives strength to an old heart (here I add - and not only the heart), rejuvenates the skin, eliminates excessive thickening of the blood."

This wide list of ailments that have been successfully treated with the help of mumijo is accounted to its unique, as it is now customary to say, clinical effect: it activates the body's protective functions and accelerates the regenerative processes in it - one of the key areas of application of mumijo from ancient times to ours. After all, the bones are "only" key elements of the information exchange system in the body, which means ... They must and they do have in their composition related cellular structures. Any damage to them is a metabolic disorder that threatens the body, and therefore should be eliminated as quickly as possible and WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES for the information transmission. Even the old system tried to bring this into being, although the experimental rabbit (genotype of the "common people") is only an experimental one, but the goal brings together the means, which can be used both for the good and to the detriment. The result - mumijo significantly accelerates the elimination of the consequences of fractures and other bone injuries, saturating the damaged area with the elements contained in it and needed for the healing. Such "salves" of mountain balsam have been applied to similar injuries since the appearance of mountain tar in the arsenal of healers. But this is also only a partial view. The main thing is interaction with the Brain and its "direct" feeding. In the past, within the framework of the "Brain Genotypes Development" and "Energy Biogenesis of Cells Development" Programs, and today - it is a real help to the Brain to adapt to the transient changes within the framework of the Human Life Support System.

Here is the key to understand what mumijo is. Mumijo is a gift granted to us as a kind of salvation (relief) of what we are experiencing today and what we still have to experience in the basic "reconstruction" - THE RECONSTRUCTION OF OUR BRAIN with all the accompanying consequences. And these thoughts - they remind us of something very familiar to those who HAVE ALREADY APPLIED IT the "SvetL" Technologies!  Don't you think? And what about using them together and in harmony with?! THE LIVING for the living with deep gratitude and consideration for the DEEDs of HUMANS FOR the HUMANS...

These recent, eventful years after the Generator of Nicolai Levashov has come out into the light, there has been a constant quest for  improving the interaction of the "SvetL" Programs with the User's Brain and the effectiveness of this interaction, both in the development of the Brain and the user's recovery. The quest was not easy, but it went on. The results are amazing and more and more obvious and public. The "SvetL" Programs were being improved, the synergy of the Programs with water was found, and "structured" water was obtained for the specific Brain genotype (personalized medication). The very generation of all the Generator's carriers has been improved by the Programs, and especially after the transfer of Nicolai Levashov's Generator from France to the territory of Russia. But something was still missing... And the more Users of the Programs there were, and the more experience was gained in their application, the more TROUBLING was the QUESTION of TIME! Time, at least within 120-140 years. The Programs already "grant" the time, but they do it in small doses and carefully - a little at a time, albeit more than destined. Something was needed from the New Life Support System. There must be something that it "produced," but within the framework of something already "approved" and applied to people (the "SvetL" Programs). We can assume that this is a manifestation and a hint, through a person who has been a User of the Programs for several years and is a very scrupulous and responsible person in research matters, living in the region of mumijo manifestation.

Lyubov Gavrilovna Shkuropat - it all began with her, a simple Russian woman (not at all simple!). It was through her that it manifested itself and went on. She made a real "product" and she initiated the interaction of the purest mumijo obtained in its original form, created by the Altai Control Complex in cooperation with the recently started up Ural Control Complex in the framework of the transformation of the People's Life Support System. And the obtained corrected mumijo thanks to Nicolai Levashov's Generator allowed this "product" to become the most effective and necessary help (addition) to the work of the Generators on the Users/carriers using the "SvetL" Programs. Of course,  mumijo created this way and by this technology - without support and interaction with the "SvetL" Programs, for other people who do not use or do not know about the "SvetL" Programs - is a breakthrough component of healing and recovering that surpasses all the fables by contemporary pharmacology. And those doctors who really see what modern medicine is today are already beginning to realize it.

Naturally, there is a lot of research work ahead and the quest for optimal applications of mumijo AS A "MEANS" OF GRANTING TIME AND PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTUREbut today there are two options of  using this "gift" from the Life Support System to humans through humans who got to know it and realized it for humans - Mumijo, as a created, initial product of the Complexes' activities and adapted for humans through translation from the Generation Matrix, and the MAIN OPTIONfor the Users of the "SvetL" Programs - deepening and strengthening the assistance in human development and healing within the framework of a much improved potentialities for generating  and interaction with the Brain of Users. This is an undoubted victory in solving the task of granting time and, of course, of practically complete health recovery, regardless of age, which is very important.

The change of systemic authority is followed by the elimination of the consequences of the interventionists' interference in the development of the Earth and people, the elimination of the old complexes and the entire  Control System and the creation of the true ones - the Altai and the Ural Control Complexes, which so far are quite sufficient for ensuring the current level of energy-information support of the true control processes with the executing involvement of people and the formation of their collective Consciousness, changes in the processes of their being in the Transitional Period. But help is needed for the people living in these hard times of the transitional period. That is why THIS KNOWLEDGE HAS COME TO LIGHTthe knowledge that had been deliberately hushed up for many centuries. But the goals of the native ECS are different from the past one and the new mumijo. We will try - and see... Are its properties limited only to healing? And how does the elixir change the charges density of matter of an individual Brain's magnetic and electrical energy? Good luck to everyone on the way to true Knowledge.


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