(on coronavirus nCoV – 2019 and not only …)


                        As much does a person overcome

                        fear, so much he is human.

     The civilization, which has reached the dead end of its "development", is vainly trying to find the way out, acting on suggestions of science, religion, politics, economics, and other usual tools and means. UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPTS are not in mistakes, inadequate qualifications of those offering recipes or imperfection of the maintenance. The problem is much deeper. It lies in the false materialistic worldview, incorrect knowledge of Man (even the information about acupuncture points is incomplete - the possibilities of the impact on  the body are wider and constant even without acupuncture) and the surrounding world where some scientists go on trying in vain to put together a picture of the world "from fragments" of particles bombarded by accelerators, with minimal indivisible particles of electric and magnetic energies available, while others are anxious about the question why the wind blows and where the rain comes from, and the boldest are eager to explain the changes taking place, not understanding their origin, and all of them having misconceptions about the purpose of human existence on the Earth. Modern science is mistaken about the fundamentals of the worldview seeing it as the sequence of solid -> liquid -> gas -> unorganized plasma. But it must be considered in a different order: strictly organized plasma -> material structures (solid, liquid, gaseous), including not only the material ("visible") part, built on the Earth in octaves from 12 to 63 (frequencies - 28-260) but also non-material (262-2512). Atomic structures - only in the UPPER OCTAVES (frequencies) of PLASMA, have nothing to do with the planetary model of a "comrade" Bohr. 

     The accelerating changes in the surrounding reality, which evidence is different climate, allegedly accounted for warming. The increasing number of natural disasters, changes in flora and fauna, epidemics of "unknown" diseases and more and more obvious useless combating diseases, which yesterday seemed to be effective, - all these cataclysms are unsuccessfully TRYING TO DRAW PEOPLE’S ATTENTION to the necessity of reconsidering their views and relations with the world around them, to stop being the "king of nature" on the Earth, and become a part of it.

The most dangerous thing for people is TO IGNORE WARNINGS - it can come to a bad end for them. I mentioned it repeatedly in my publications. There are two options: to get changed or to lose such an opportunity at all. Medicine is powerless here – doctors combat not the causes of the diseases, but their consequences – their knowledge of human flesh is based on the level which their scalpel can reach and other means of examination and effect on the physical body. Man is a more complex system consisting of several levels (physical, etheric, astral, mental), the "diseases" of which manifest themselves on the physical level (people in doctor’s smock have no idea about the structure of bodies and do not recognize their existence). Nobody is going to ask and persuade people to change - at a certain stage of the ongoing changes in the Life Support System, and this factor is inevitable and NOT SUBJECT TO HUMAN. The chemical elements in the periodic table of Mendeleev will acquire (although not completely) and are already acquiring quite different properties (for example, sulfur will stop burning), which will force people to change their consumer-exhausting attitude to nature.

Coronavirus, which "suddenly appeared" in China and is spreading across the Planet, is so far the most complex and significant case related to the unclear sources of the disease onset and the virtual lack of immunity to it, even among those who have recovered. No one can clearly say anything about its structure, methods of its spreading,

the period of development in the body, what it specifically affects and what processes it triggers off in the human body and, most importantly, in its Brain. The high spread rate, wide geography and mechanism of the lesion, the reason for the effectiveness and depth of the human body’s impact do not make it possible the create a vaccine against Covid-19 (nCoV – 2019).

All the talks and "triumphant reports" disseminated by the media like - "we have almost created ... ", "we have already created ... ", "we have already applied ... ", against the backdrop of the enormous amount of money claimed by the "scientists", around the world - this is nothing more than a fight between pharmacological corporations for the pieces of the money pie. Here is a Hint – comprehension of the "suddenness" of the virus - New Human Life Support System.

The basis of all diseases is the INFORMATION FAILURE, which brings to the violation of the Brain's ability to directly deliver potentials required by the cells ( 640 types and up to 2484 varieties) and remove the resulting residues that can disrupt its albedo (when filling certain structures of the biosystem with "garbage" in total of 6.2%, it receives 100% "residues" - this is precisely the reason for the formation of cancer cells, which then lose their connection with the Brain and begin to live "their own life"). The indicator of the cell and the body perfect health is zero albedo. This is where the so-called "virus" makes the FIRST IMPACT, which to a lesser extent brings to pulmonary pneumonia, which our "pundits" so much like to talk about, and basically - the occurrence of cancer cells (cancer) and mainly the gastrointestinal tract is affected. And even if a vaccine against the "virus" is found, the cancer in the "cured" patient will be manifested in the consequence. When it became clear, and it became clear that such a thing is JUST HUSHED UP due to many “circumstances”, there began a search for what could withstand this. I could perfectly see that there should be some “hint”. And it manifested itself from the "unexpected" side.

The possibilities of adapting to the changes taking place on the Earth, to the similar “suddenly arisen” epidemics, the source of which lies beyond the limits of human abilities and current scientific ideas. They are based on completely different principles of comprehending the ongoing today.  The embodiment of the results - New Knowledge and practice of their application - in the search for new means of healing effects, such as "mumiyo", and in a strong connection with the sources of management of today's processes on Earth - management complexes "Altai 1" and "Altai 2".

The very idea of "mumiyo"[1] came into being as always "suddenly", literally 5 months before the start of the "epidemic" of coronavirus in China. The search for the solution of the most complicated case of cancer of one of the people who asked for help, who realized the hopelessness of solving this problem within the framework of "modern medicine", having already gone through all stages and all healing protocols (including all-destroying chemotherapy) triggered off the search for an answer what this virus is.  Here for the first time the word "mumiyo" was sounded. Thus began the process of cognition in this direction.

Mumiyo (from Persian “mum” - “wax” also shilajit (Sansk. शिलाजतु, śilājatu, English Shilajit), brashun, barag-shun, mountain resin, mountain balsam, mountain wax, mountain oil, stone oil, mumiyo-asil, mummy, ciao-tun) - an organo-mineral product mainly of natural biological origin[1]


It turned out to be the most difficult to understand - what exactly is mumiyo, in contrast to plenty of articles written about it that flooded the Internet and to reveal the connection (possibilities) of this "product" within the framework of human life support processes exactly in what is happening today.

Even the origin of this substance, which does not belong to either inert or living (there are no others on the planet), is still not clear to people today, it is covered with NUMEROUS ERRONEOUS VERSIONSbut correct only in one thing – the all- round therapeutic effectiveness of mumijo, having bactericidal, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, general strengthening, anti-allergenic, anti-stress, regenerating, resorbtive and antiseptic properties.

What makes mumijo so widely functional in terms of modern science? The proportions of the elements contained in mumijo of almost the entire periodic table CORRESPOND TO THE RATIO IN THE HUMAN BODYScientists do not know how and why this happens, their capabilities are only enough to establish the structure of the substance: the organic part (72.28%), inorganic and water (11.9%); chemical elements of the periodic table (CaO - 1.54%, MgO - 2.31%, N - 4.95%, PO2 - 0.36%, free radicals of organic substances, salts of Ca, Pb, Mg, Si, P, Fe, Mn, Na, Sn, Ag, Vi, Co, Va, Zn, Ba, S, Be, Cu, Mo, B). And the formulation: inorganic component - CaSi(K,Na)5C25H5O26, organic — С6Н6О3.

And what is it in reality? Mumiyo is a natural collection of minerals formed by the intervention of natural substances during the transition from the autotrophic state of energies being to the heterotrophic one as some kind of derivative "work" of the Life Support System Complexes, being the result of the complex interaction of all these components. Let me explain it: After autotrophic processing of inert matter, a substance is derived in the form of a mineral. This is not the original inert substance, although it consists of chemical elements and has a molecular level of dimensional scale. All the so-called chemical elements of the structure of inert matter and living matter are completely different elements. By formal signs, by the energy gratings structure and by the functional endowment of charges, they do not coincide at all. But this is only a kind of "preparation". The stage of autotrophic processing is chemistry, the stage of heterotrophic processing is biochemistry. That is, at the first stage, the PRIMARY CHANGE OF THE ATOMS of the inert substance takes place for the possibility of its use by heterotrophic living organisms and for the possibility of imparting to it the energetic structure characteristic of organic molecules. And all is supported by the Life Support System Complexes.

Mumiyo is formed at points of increased informational concentration of fungal spores (heterotrophs) (sometimes beyond), which goes deep to 200-250 meters and is a colossal channel for storing and transmitting information (remember the films Avatar, Matrix, this information was brought to people, including through cinema, there was only need to be able to see it and sift distortions) on deviations from the established position of the stable state of location. The Information which through the "fungal Internet" is instantly transmitted to the Control System in much the same way as DNA molecules exchange information with each other, only in fungal spores this process is more "subtle".

The mechanism of mumijo’s effectiveness is based on promoting the toxins destruction (including those that are considered to be poorly destructible or indestructible) by weakening their informational bonds at the atomic-molecular level. Harmful substances create a "mineral hole" in the body, the mumijo gradually makes up for the lack of the necessary minerals. This is one of the components in applying it against a great number of "ailments", replacing the same amount of "modern" drugs imposed on us.

More detailed, but not completely, the process is as follows: mumijo is a biological regulator that evens out electrolyte balance, eliminating both symptoms and the disease itself. After all, any non-organic (and organic) structure contains a compound with hydrogen atoms (including plasma), which is an information block. Information from the hydrogen block can only be selected by substitution, i.e. one information is replaced by another. And to weaken informational (atomic) bonds is possible through the minerals contained in mumijo.

The change in pH (the negative logarithm of the of hydrogen ions concentration is the saturation  indicator of a living cell with potential) is a change in electric potential or magnetic impulse. Mumijo’s pH is 8.2–9.6, but this complex molecular collection of heterotrophic minerals better interacts with water, dissolving well in it, forming a colloidal solution with  pH  6.5–7.5. For humans, pH is 6.88–7.45 - an aqueous (colloidal) solution of mumiyo with  pH  6.5–7.5 is ideal for people, indicating the most effective way of using it through the mouth in an aqueous solution.

But there is one subtle point – having destroyed atomic bonds of toxins, mumijo forms stable bonds with the "fragments" of toxins through the action of the magnetic energy matter. Therefore, it needs to be helped in stimulating the removal of the destroyed toxins. Of course, it itself will cope with this, but considering the specific task of combating coronavirus or opposing it, as reliable protection, other technologies that play this role in conjunction with it are also used.

If you use mumijo in the morning, then in the evening it is better to stimulate the removal of toxins from the body by listening to L. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. It should be noted that it is not interfered in the quality of sleep, but ONLY IMPROVES and the person gets up rested in the morning.

With the beginning of changes in the life support system and during the "planned" transformations of the body, the load on it increases even more. Especially in relation to the system of conversion and removal of "garbage". You can only imagine how much toxins have been accumulated in our body for years only after using drugs, which are highly toxic and destroy the liver, kidneys, soft tissues and, of course, brain cells. Recidues, toxins are molecules that a cell IS NOT ABLE TO DECOMPOSEand the detoxification process begins with it and is carried out through drainage and excretory systems under the Brain control. The weak point of the excretory system is that the Brain has an integrated channel for removing a certain number of "defective" cells and when overloaded, the waste is stored in special places - in the so-called burial grounds – the adipose tissue and intercellular substance. A large amount of toxins needs a large amount of storages - "problem areas" are growing, the desire to "keep to a diet" or go in for sports. The volume of the adipose tissue increases, the volume of the adipose cells also increases due to the retention of "water". Fluid retention occurs in the intercellular substance, hence the swelling.

The effectiveness of mumiyo has been tested by time - many centuries ago, for reasons beyond the control of people, the representatives of the medical field  were  SYSTEMATICALLY BROUGHT information about the healing properties of this substance, which contributed to combatting the effects of harmony distortions of the people’s inner states, manifested in the form of various ailments that reduce their life span. Aristotle, Central Asian scientist Al-Biruni, Arabian Ibn Rushd (Averroes), the medieval French pharmacist Guy de la Fontaine, Leonardo da Vinci, a doctor, scientist and philosopher Ibn Sina (Avicenna) - the most famous personalities in history who RECEIVED "the right information" about mumijo. And they IMPLEMENTED IT in preparations and methods for treating bone fractures, dislocations, sore throats, asthma, suppuration of the ear and hearing loss, bites of poisonous snakes, stomach ulcers and liver diseases, heart, skin rejuvenation, excessive thickening of the blood. Subsequent medical practice has expanded this list to an understanding of the absolute harmlessness for humans of this natural product that does not cause allergies, anaphylactic shock, or other side effects that are not absorbed into the blood, lower cholesterol, relieve inflammation and prevent intestinal absorption of toxic substances in infections or food poisoning, returning the digestive system to normal functioning, able to improve metabolic processes, enhance regeneration of ary body tissues, when applied externally has analgesic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect and solving so-called "disorders of the heart": heart attacks, strokes, heart valve calcification and much, much more. Largely it was hidden from people in the depths of "space medicine". It was to "space medicine" in Soviet times that people were obliged for the attention to mumijo. The substance was again "discovered", cleaned in the framework of the knowledge of local residents and used for astronauts, both before departure and after their return to the earth. The effect struck many distinguished figures from medicine, but was hidden from people, as well as from numerous researchers interested in its medical effect and origin.

Some time ago, especially after 2012, information on healing properties of mumiyo began to "come out into light." But businessmen from medicine of all times and stripes are the same - they have always been doing everything for profit. Realizing that the process of disseminating information on the benefits of mumiyo cannot be stopped, modern smart dealers especially from pharmacology, began to produce a poorly cleaned initial product with properties lost, probably due to improper processing, nevertheless, calling it “mumiyo” and let it go on low prices through pharmacy chains. The examination of the preparation distributed by them showed the presence, even IN THE BEST CASES, of the substance with only 30% purity, but basically - from 3% to 5-6%. However, surprising enough, even in this percentage ratio it "works" more efficiently than a number of expensive preparations - chemical drugs, although few people are interested in what remains in such a poorly cleaned mumijo (this is more than 70% at best, but even more than that, which should not be there, starting from clay and ending with excrement of animals and birds, who love to feast on this “product”), where it is then "stored" in the body and how it affects it.

Differing in composition in various geographical points of the Earth that have their own functional endowment, the most active substance is collected in Altai due to the fact that the Altai 1 and Altai 2 Control Complexes are in charge of the life support of people in today's conditions. Mumijo from these areas show most valuable properties for improving the shirt (body) of people and the Brain. The fungal spores there have a higher level of collection of minerals, forming completely different mineral models in these territories. The current level of science development  does not make it possible to reveal such differences, operating only with the composition of mumijo elements using spectral analysis after acid decomposition. Nevertheless, such an analysis, conducted in specialized Russian institutions, confirmed the highest quality of mumiyo obtained by the Russian Science and Technology Society (RSTS) precisely from the territories of Altai and the Urals.

With modern means, 100% purity of mumiyo is unattainable. This is possible only with manual processing, but the yield of pure product is just over 2% of the volume of the raw product. Once again, it’s worth thinking what beautiful jars with attractive names contain in pharmacies and whether the producer of mumijo will ever think about its quality in order to obtain 2% of the total volume of the raw materials. And there is nothing to say about the industrial purification of mumiyo in a column extractor, in which the useful part is extracted by "microhydroshocks" of pulsating water, followed by filtration by centrifugation, clarification through a polymer membrane and drying using a rotary-film dryer. The output product is dry powder! Pressed pills! What remains useful in them is an open question.

The preservation of the mumijo healing properties obtained by RSTS members (my associates and like-minded people) is guaranteed not only by a properly selected cleaning method, taking into account EVEN WATER TEMPERATURE FOR WASHINGbut also by a purely human factor: only with hands in tireless love, diligence and continuous search is the final result that takes up for each batch  about THREE MONTHS and including purification of the raw material, separation from impurities using water, the temperature of which does not exceed the temperature of the human body, preserving healing  properties, sedimentation and filtering to remove the insoluble precipitate, evaporation and drying at different temperatures (the upper limit is strictly limited and used specially selected porcelain and ceramic ware in artificial and natural conditions.

Touching mumijo that does not correlate with either inert or living matter should be like touching the LIVING - different in time – now spreading "in a smile" through the vessel, now "menacingly" gathering into a solid crystal. Only if this condition is met can a truly effective substance be obtained for a man.

A person with cells with extra potential needs help for his Brain in connecting the channels of their output and return of controllability of the "fallen", expanding the corridor of possibilities of the Brain, clearing cells and intercellular space from slags and restoring pathways undistorted passage of information. Cells need help in "delivering" "native" potentials "from the outside." And mumijo comes to the rescue here, since its minerals weaken the informational bonds of toxins at the atomic-molecular level, as a result of which they become unstable and their structure collapses. But that is only a partial view. The main thing is interaction with the Brain and its "direct" feeding. In the past it was in the framework of the "Development of the Brain Genotypes" and "Development of the Energy Biogenesis of the Flesh Cells" Programs, nowadays it is help to the Brain to adapt to transient changes within the framework of the People’s Life Support System. Today the task is to recreate Man who integrates into the future. Man on the Earth is very important by his process of development and gaining perfection of the states of his Mind in the frame of the planet’s Mind development.

Thus, the use of mummy today is a help to man in recovery and the most effective protection against the coronavirus nCoV – 2019, and other similar “troubles” that await humanity on the way to the reconstruction.

Such technologies, like mumiyo, have already been in demand among many people especially under the reality conditions. They are popular among those who have begun to realize the importance of developing their Spirit (the Brain), and the possibility of the real health improving as opposed to the attempts of orthodox medicine, which representatives for the most part are not yet able to realize the mechanisms of harmless assistance to the body due to their stiff outlook. Or just because of the fact that medicine today is a profitable business, where "the more sick the man, the richer the doctor", who the sick will bring to all his money in order to save his life.

These dangerous days of the spread of coronavirus and escalation of hysteria by all possible means by all those who still think of themselves as "masters of the world", the real opposition to this can be expressed as follows: Prevention from nCoV – 2019 coronavirus and all possible people’s ailments IS AVAILABLE IT IS MUMIYO OF THE HIGHEST CLEANING and created only in Russia using specially developed technology.

Today, Man still has a CHOICE and it is FOR HIM to make choice!

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