Everyone has brains; just not everyone
knows what to do with them.

So the time has come to retract the periscope into the hull and give the command to descend. But the periscope was raised in order to look around and see what was happening. The descent is an action after looking round.

It is a really amazing time now. Throughout Mankind's existence, our planet has experienced a lot of paradigm shifts, and all of them were received with stiff resistance. Today we can see that these types of unconcealed shifts in thinking occur in several spheres and all at the same time. This may seem overwhelming to those who are trying to ignore the ongoing processes, especially considering the fact that many of the ideas currently being implemented are conflicting with the current belief systems. There will always be resistance to new information that does not fit into the existing framework, irrespective of its being reasonable or factual (obvious).

The world in its entirety would have been puzzled out and comprehended, if the cause and effect were clarified. But they are not clarified and will be clarified only when the Human Brain develops at least to the level that it was before the "invasion". There is not any other way.

Out of the clarity of this, there comes the final comprehension "full of inexpressible interest". There is also the opposition between the causal and the target explanations. The goal does not supplant the cause, but simply stands next to it as the master from another world. In expediency it seems to us a wonderful phenomenon of the dominance of NON-BEING OVER BEING, that which is not yet, over that which is or is being accomplished.

There is not much misfortune in the fact that today the human Mind of the majority of people is able to perceive only human things. This is not our misfortune or limitation. The high and abstract will not manifest itself otherwise than hidden in the ordinary. One should gaze into the ordinary to see how it is applied for its own purposes. And here it depends on the thirst for knowledge. The truth exists even when it is not recorded and not spoken, and not realized. Regarding the eternally existing, Man can get false and true knowledge. The former in its very nature is mutable: it is either replaced by other false knowledge, or disappears when true knowledge takes its place. The latter, by its very nature, is unchangeable: because there is NO OTHER KNOWLEDGE that could replace it.

Thus, TEMPORARY KNOWLEDGE, which either, being true, is of a temporary object, or being of an everlasting object, is false. While EVERLASTING KNOWLEDGE is both true and is of an everlasting object. Only the latter forms science; this requirement is also stipulated by the fact that the content must be permanent.

Now I want to say about what is meant by false and true knowledge. And in my opinion, this should be said precisely in this afterword to the book. False knowledge is the one that is improperly formed; true knowledge is the knowledge that is formed correctly, that is, in line with the nature of the Mind.

In all cases when it is possible to compare the knowledge with the object of this knowledge, we notice that the false knowledge does not correspond to its object, and after looking into the reason of this discrepancy, we always find that it is in some kind of deviation made in the process of the knowledge formation; so by removing this deviation, we restore the identity of the knowledge and its object, and by increasing the deviation, we increase the difference.  True knowledge corresponds to its object, and the reason for this correspondence lies in the CORRECTNESS of THEIR FORMATION, since as soon as the latter is violated, the first is destroyed. But one should not think that the truth of knowledge depends on its correspondence with its object or that this correspondence is the truth; because there is a lot of true knowledge, the correspondence of which with the object we are not able to verify, and among them there are some which we probably know that in reality there is nothing corresponding to it: for example, all knowledge of imaginary quantities in algebra. There is no doubt that they are true, no doubt that they are not a copy of anything observable. But this is not the only case when the "true" cannot be defined as "corresponding to the real"; but also because the truly realized is broader than the truly existing and the world of the human mind is wider than the world lying outside of it. So, the true knowledge can be not only of the existing and what this knowledge can correspond to, but also of what that which should exist and what this existing should correspond to. These are all the truths in the world of moral and political ideas. Neither their formation, nor the desire to be improved and improve one's lives could have arisen in Man if his knowledge was limited to the existing.

Thus, between the three properties of knowledge: the correctness, truthfulness, and conformity with the object - there is such a relationship that the first determines the second, and the second determines the third; but not the other way around. Knowledge is true and correct not because it corresponds to the object; but it corresponds to the object because it is true, and it is true because it is correctly formed. Therefore, when the first property undoubtedly exists in the knowledge, the second always exists, too, and the third - when it can exist. As for the correctness of the knowledge formation, as already mentioned, it is in line with the NATURE of the COMPREHENDING MIND. All this, of course, should be investigated separately - in the Doctrine of Cognition.

But out of the true knowledge, not everything should be accepted and studied today, but, in my opinion, only the knowledge that is directed to COMPREHENSION FORMATION.

Nowadays many people believe that knowledge and comprehension are the same thing - if there is knowledge, there is also comprehension. But this is far from the case. Knowledge and comprehension vary in nature and origin. The first is limited to the simple awareness of the object's existence; moreover, none of the questions that can be asked regarding this object are resolved and, as far as the pure knowledge is concerned, such questions are  not even raised, since raising questions  beyond the simple existence, and the desire to resolve them IS THE TRANSITION TO COMPREHENSION. The latter, however, contains the awareness that the existing cannot but exist; moreover, all the questions that can be proposed regarding the object are resolved. The first is limited by the external signs of the existing and the outward forms of the happening - those signs and forms which are attainable for the sensory organs, as Nicolai Levashov wrote about this in every detail - but this knowledge is superficial. The second reveals what lies under these external signs and forms and what produces them, that is, brings to understanding the internal nature and structure of the existing and internal process that occurs in phenomena - IT IS NOTABLE FOR ITS DEPTH. The first is fragmentary, incoherent: it does not combine various phenomena into one whole, inextricably fastened by an internal causal tie. The second is integral: it clearly sees individual phenomena in their mutual connection, as well as the whole, the parts of which make up these phenomena. Therefore, for the first -everything is random and inexplicable. For the second - everything is necessary and clear.

The very origin of knowledge and comprehension is different. The first is formed in man, because he is gifted with the senses, as I mentioned, his mind remains passive. And, since the sense organs are identical for all people, knowledge is equally attainable to all of them. Comprehension is formed with the LEADING PARTICIPATION of the human mind, and external feelings are only tools for it (the mind), which it directs and the impressions of which it explores in order to reveal what is behind these impressions and what causes them. And since the minds of different people are not the same, comprehension is not characteristic of them to the same degree: there are separate people and even whole nations, almost completely devoid of it; and there are nations richly gifted with it. Why is that so? This is where we should use our knowledge and comprehension. The answer is in three words - the Brain Genotype...

Based on this, there is only one conclusion - there is a sharp and deep difference in the development of knowledge and comprehension: the first increases through a simple mechanical addition of some knowledge to the existing knowledge; the second is developed, becoming deeper and fuller. Every piece of gained knowledge is enclosed in itself and does not necessarily cause new knowledge. Any gained comprehension acquires this closed character only after it becomes perfect. Before that, it necessarily raises questions in the mind; it remains as if open for bringing new, explanatory and complementary knowledge. The truths in which knowledge is expressed join one another and ONLY IN COMPREHENSION THEY ARE UNITED. I also note that knowledge comes out due to some reason, and comprehension - due to some purpose. The first is unconsciously and indifferently assimilated by Man thanks to the very structure of his body, capable of perceiving the impressions of the outside world. The second is striving for comprehension of what is already known as knowledge.

The totality of human knowledge is an endless reflection in his mind of that endless series of phenomena that passed before him in time - unchanged reflections and mysterious phenomena, in the creation of which he has not participated and by the power of which he or more precisely, his Brain, is enslaved.

Human comprehension is a separate, complex, and profound world, created by a human thought, slowly and relentlessly weaving threads, the last pattern of which is unknown, but which contains the last clue to everything. In this world of ideas, always motionless in their foundations and always developing by means of inner self-opening, their great creator, the Human Mind, lives and dominates, which, in fact, is the subject of this book. And this world NO LONGER REFLECTS the phenomena that are passing by: it penetrates into what lies behind them and which, while remaining attainable for thinking only, produces and explains something attainable for sensations.

That is why the WORLD of NATURE AND LIFE is so clear to people with a rough mind and so incomprehensible for the people with a deep and subtle mind. Whereas for the former everything is already clear, for the latter everything is still dark; for the former, there is nothing that would not be natural and ordinary; for the latter, every ordinary phenomenon is full of mystery; the former live neither wondering nor worrying, the life of the latter is a constant wonder of the incomprehensible and worry of the unknown, the essence of which is inexplicable to them, but the existence of which they firmly know. From this follows some mental indifference of the first and the thirst for knowledge of the second. Only those who follow this path are ready to "be surprised" and show anxiety after learning that the Russian language (as well as English) was "developed" 257 years before the birth of Alexander Pushkin, and from that point on the frequency balance of the living cells and bone resonators has been changed for the new structures. Here I repeat myself to make the previous chapter and some of my articles easier to understand. I am sure it will be useful for everyone who is able to "be surprised".  What is the peculiarity of the Russian language structure, or the language intended for subsequent use as a means of communication with the higher civilization? No other language can describe the musical series of the Shukhov tower, designed for the objects' (UFOs) exit to work. 33 tower supports are consistent with 33 heroes in  Pushkin's poem, 33 years (cadence interval according to Meton).  33 letters (even after the reduction from the initial 49 letters down to 33) of the Russian alphabet make it possible to describe ANY NEW STRUCTURE and obtain an analysis of any code sequence. These changes were made throughout the Earth, but taking into account "local control structures",  such as, for example, in China, Japan, Korea. The structure of the thinking process in these countries using hieroglyphs differs from the generally accepted one. This is the structure of images, and changes in this structure that are not characteristic of the stereotype would have led to the destruction of a significant part of the Brain matrices, which was unacceptable at that time.

For about 200 years, the new alphabet was getting adapted in the environment of high culture and received a worthy continuation  - on Easter of 2007, it was the Russian language that became the only language of communication with the Higher Mind. And all the information is translated only into Russian. Now in America and Australia, and especially in Israel, some people urgently study the Russian language, but there is no time for adaptation there, therefore, none of them will be allowed to Moshiach[1]. In addition, representatives of Israel in other countries mainly have "dog names" (when translated into Russian), which is unacceptable and will be suppressed by annihilation.

Previously, the publications almost never mentioned that in addition to the imposed 4XX Brain genotypes on the part of the "Interventionist" Earth Control System, there were INDIVIDUALS with the 384 brain genotype, most of which were settled in Old Russia. From time to time, from the "Native Earth Control System," there was a HIDDEN INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT of all spheres of life of this particular genotype - 384. The individuals of this particular Brain genotype were considered by the Interventionist System (the Ebr) as the main material for the "practical application" under the Program "Development of Energy Biogenesis of the Flesh Cell", on which, basically, many experimental processes were tested. Separate functional and territorial endowment of Russia made it possible (unlike other territories) to KEEP WITH MINIMUM DISTORTIONS the Brain of people of 384 genotype. The most "gifted" part of those were the Vedas. It was for them and through them that the energy-information translation from the Native Earth Control System was carried out in such a "hidden" form that could be brought to the people at different stages of development. The Vedas were not only the knowledge hidden in various forms, but also the people who brought the knowledge and through whom this knowledge was preserved. The same applies to the forms of information storage - with the help of people, on tablets, scrolls, in the form of some artifacts and other things. And they really existed and are existing at the present time, which cannot but inspire hope that it is through them everything planned is being realized.

That's the whole trick about those who are able to "wonder" today. It was through the individuals of 384-th Brain genotype that the Native Earth Control System saved the elements that allowed those able "to wonder", to approach the very truth about the "Created World". And it should be clear to everyone that taking into account the current level of the Brain development of the majority of people, with respect to each stage of the ongoing, such information has been presented more often in the object-esoteric world perception, or in a kind of demonic understanding, or some other particular forms, considering the territorial and functional endowment of a community of people, their "national" and geographic features. This is, actually, what we are coming across when gaining knowledge.

I do realize how DIFFICULT it is for our CONSCIOUSNESS to GET RID OF the illusion that it somehow gives birth to all of this, finds or articulates its meanings in itself. It is all the more surprising for us to "discover in ourselves" the order of the meanings, concepts, forms, and the very worldview entering into our consciousness. And you should not stand still, "chewing" on some piece of just learned information. It is necessary to move forward in your experiments and try and push your results into the practice of people's lives, otherwise the knavery and lies surrounding us will go on prevailing over people's minds.

Today, the Russian language is adopted by the new System as the control and communication programming language. It cannot be commanding because of its redundancy. Of all existing languages today, it has the HIGHEST DEGREE OF DENSITY OF INFORMATIONAL SATURATION. The transmitted linguistics use a lot of words that sound like the Old Slavonic, since it requires (especially for the information of the executive character) much greater informational completeness of each word. When reading texts on New Knowledge, there is some misunderstanding of individual words and phrases, some words seem elaborate and unnecessary, there are many similar words to the former Slavic speech, but this does not mean a mirror-like usage of it. We should learn to understand and use them. IT MAKES NO SENSE to simplify the translated language due to the fact that there is a distortion of the information perceived by the Brain. It rejects what it does not understand. The peculiarity of the Russian language is in its imagery, it is the most sophisticated in perception of the material and intangible images, in their world perception and, in this regard, it is the most vulnerable. It is powerful by the word, and vulnerable to the word! For this reason, one must be MORE TOLERANT and try to take the received materials without distorting the text.  It really comes from the true Control System. Therefore, it is necessary to get used to it - this will be our new format of language communication.

People are far from what they think of themselves. Ascribing to themselves some high degree of consciousness and independence, emphasized by various absurdities from religious, atheistic, esoteric and other (which is irrelevant due to the general restricting function, inherent in all of the aforementioned) lists of gifts and abilities we unconsciously, only by this, CONSIDERABLY RESTRICTED even that small possibility of our own development, which despite everything remained in working conditions in some people. It's basically no different, for example, any publicly criticized average sect with a mandatory set of a "leader plus followers"  flavored with some outlandish rites and obscure dogmas - and a narrow scientific trend - there is also a leader there that has to be respected and promoted; with the followers (lower and middle-level research workers), and quite outlandish rites and dogmas, which correspond to the experimental and theoretical parts of the scientific work. It is somewhat easier for science, because society must support it "morally" and financially, and sects are self-sufficient and censured by the majority. But the scheme of consciousness that worked for a man and that was given to him in the existing design DID NOT ALLOW more deviations, except for those allowed, which were manifested by the rich, by our standards, variety of available "social" constructions, reliable and invisible to the highly conscious, supposedly Man, in our opinion, limiting any possibilities of real development.

The simplest experiment, possible for everyone - when making the acquaintance in absentia, for example, when your friend tells you about a third person who he is familiar with, to the question "what is he?" - the expected answer will be a profession in most cases. In a second place - belonging to a religious or financial group. These are all OPTIONS of the EXCEPTED NORM - a person was successfully integrated into the system, he/she was its working material. Omitting the extreme options (criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc.), we get a small remainder - a defect of the system - a situation where it is difficult to say about a person what he/she is. In most cases, they themselves can hardly clearly self-identify for the people around, leaving them to decide on their own on this subject. In the closest approximation, it is about that person that we can say - Human. And in the eyes of the people around, such a person will be incomprehensible and difficult to identify. This is the one who, for reasons that are not always dependent on them, has kept the state of the Brain more or less suitable for restoration over the past two decades of millennia. And to restore to what level? - you may ask. To the possibility of achieving a harmonious contact state of their Mind with the Mind of the Earth. By this alone, I think, all interested and curious can easily dismiss all other questions, demanding some hidden or unknown secret answer. And while such a state, or at least a clear path to it, is not achieved, it is better to focus on one's OWN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, instead of "showing the way to the allegedly lost". It is not yet known - who is more deviated from the road - the one who is looking for the answers, or the one who offers answers, or even imposes them.

Any firm point of view, no matter how attractive it could be and whoever it may be justified and supported by, loses with respect to the worldview BEING FORMED INDEPENDENTLY, based on one's own conclusions. Acceptance of any position, belief, whether due to respect, trust, or current (prospective) benefit, is a deliberately individual degradation in the broadest sense. The constant state of quest, excruciating doubts,  disappointments and frustrations, some failures and other "lyrics" mean development, and only a small stage of it, similar to the teenage period in the astral jungle. If suddenly life becomes good and comfortable, and everyone around you is pleased with you - it means - "you just wandered off somewhere in the wrong place" Do not worry and calm down - the mentioned "lyrics of suffering and torment" do not last long, giving way to an emotionally clear look, which can partly be described as an "internal look from the outside". This is such a very functional and surprisingly convenient PART OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS STRUCTURE - one's own "internal observer".

Imagine, you started some kind of experiment. You want to check your own (or someone else's) judgment in practice - you thought it all thoroughly in and out, carefully calculated all the consequences and side effects. Realized. Everything turned out all right, the result was beautiful and convincing. It was wonderful. But what if the result does not meet your expectations? I share experience - it's even better. This means - NEW INFORMATION FOR COMPREHENSION has appeared. This is already some kind of a new open door, the possibility of some leap in development. This means that you are faced with something new for you. This is something that Nicolai Levashov wrote about so "incomprehensibly" - new matters, new qualities ... This is exactly it - the BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. Such, at first glance, failure makes it possible to expand greatly both your own understanding and capabilities.  When everything turned out right away - it's a confirmation of your understanding and skill, it's normal and stable. Failure is moving forward.

Each person has now received a previously withdrawn opportunity for development, and was even given assistance with it. The change in the smooth stage of returning to the true path of development for a rough one is the opportunity to face something new for you more often. Previously, you had to find ways, run into trouble in your quest. Now they themselves go to confront you, accelerating and expanding, drawing in absolutely everyone. You ought to keep your wits about you not to miss the opportunity. This is to ensure the accelerated development of the Brain of the currently being Recreated Human, but on the condition that everyone is using and developing ONE'S OWN BRAIN, tormenting and straining it, and not trying to maneuver among someone's judgments. All that someone once said, even if that someone is very literate and reasonable, recognized by everyone and so on, - it is all in the past, it is something that can be used and go on moving further. Any polarity of judgments, discreteness and narrow certainty APRIORSHOULD HAVE PRICKED UP ONE'S EARS, regardless of its source. Discrete logic cannot give any deep understanding and development, the principle of its operation lies in the surface layer. It claims to be the truth, while being limited and primitive - having a two-dimensional structure while applying to multidimensional ones. It is justified only as the most primitive option - "to survive at all costs and not more than that". Human emotionality serves as a tool for such a discrete logic - the reaction to a stimulus (to something new) in a man is the more emotional, the more discrete. Emotions are a powerful limiter, blocking, first of all, the Mind and the possibility of understanding, and it does not matter whether they are colored white or black. The search for shades in your own emotional reactions is also a technique that allows you to unblock your own capabilities. Both wild delight and sincere indignation will successfully block anything given for understanding and sober appreciation. It is important to understand this, precisely in today's hard times. One of the options for accelerating the passing of this "emotional" stage of development is an event load. Look, - in what "accelerated mode and all together" humanity all at once began training, in this regard, too. A great number of people in the created conditions have learned to take a sober look at things, use their own Brains and make their OWN, NOT SUGGESTED decisions.

Against the background of the obvious acceleration of the processes unfolding both in the open form, accessible and even intended for demonstration, and in the hidden one, it seems vitally important for any person waking up from a dream to understand what is happening, what had been done on the planet, and by whom, to have time to understand how, why, and for what the Human Brain was transformed, find in the past events the GRAINS of THE TRUTH that could prove to everyone the truthfulness of the information, which I too share in my books. All this seems completely appropriate, correct and justified, but all CAN EASILY BE DISTORTED BY HASTE. Hastily made decisions of any scale, ranging from insignificant at first glance to grandiose and ambitious, will be based on the old, distorted foundation of humane, but not on Human thinking. The usual methods of decision-making, supposedly fair and even far-sighted, are based on the LIMITED WORLDVIEW. The habitual desire to determine something completely and irrevocably, to take the side of the right, to move away from evil and come to good - though it seems understandable, - is fundamentally wrong.

A changing and a being changed world CANNOT be harmoniously combined with some constant, unchanging designs. Good and evil do not exist by themselves; it is as simple and complex as showing a child where west and east meet. Nothing will turn out if you are in a hurry - not only in trying to make a decision when striving to realize a desire, but even in choosing the desire itself. And isn't this what the old Russian fairy tales teach us, in which the stronghold of rationality and foresight is contrasted with the emotional and hot start - Prince Gvidon, who wants this and that, and Princess the Swan, patiently waiting until the young man calms down and makes up his mind; a calm and reasonable Humpbacked Pony, who knows ahead and knows what the hasty Ivanushka does not even think about; equally impatient the old man and the old woman, while the Gold Fish is  calmly waiting for the right moment... But these are fairy tales, cleared of half tones for discrete human thinking, but in reality it is not that easy to figure out. As an example, I will cite the MOST ACTUAL QUESTION of many of my readers, and not only them, at the end of this book. HELPING PEOPLE in their health problems, including in the context of their own development. That's where the haste sometimes leads to ambiguous results with the apparent obviousness of the opposite - if I was able to help, then everything is fine, good has won, all well done. The question is voluminous, therefore, we single out several points which is absolutely not recommended to do, since everything needs to be considered in a context, but the laws and rules are written not for us, you need to know how to violate them, since, rules and laws are the best servants of discrete thinking, aren't they?

So what should you do if you encounter a seriously ill person who clearly does not have any help from modern medicine, and you do know that you are able to help? Well, of course, a sense of justice, a thirst for heroic deeds, compassion, and awareness of your own abilities, triggered off with a delicious piece of ambition, are woven into such a powerful tangle that in a haste you are not able to untangle it, and the obvious solution would be to help "for good", and then come what may! And away we go! The first mistake - and who will ask what the suffering person thinks of all this? Perhaps he has never thought about what may go around him and where it may bring him to? Actually, the initiative SHOULD COME FROM THE SICK PERSON with his full awareness of what he is asking for. But such ideal patients do not exist in reality. Most of them, and I think you, readers, agree with me, just suggest "SOME MIRACULOUS HEALINGlike a wave of a magic wand or a few miraculous passes. Perhaps more knowledgeable patients count on some powerful cosmos-like effect such as frequency modulation, immersion in a magnetic field, or even a special state of the subconscious. People who are familiar with the works of Nicolai Levashov are more clearly oriented, within the framework of their level of understanding, in the processes of correction - at least, they understand, that in most cases it is a NOT A ONE-TIME "procedure," that it requires  SOME ENERGY SPENDING and entails some deterioration in the general state of the one who does it. But, you hardly find among such suffering people a person who is at least half aware of what this (influence/correction) is in general and how it all goes. So, in the end, there is just a great formality about this subject. The patients should realize what is going to happen to them if they want some help from me, for example, but their Brain structure and the type of thinking DO NOT ALLOW them to understand this in principle. Therefore, no matter how many times you ask them whether they have any idea about what they are "signing up for," their expectations never correspond to the reality. Already at this stage, one can guess that all of the blame for troubles will be aimed at me either face-to-face or behind my back, in the end, the sick, not understanding everything done in full measure, even with the best results DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS BEEN DONE, what risks it could entail, and what particular or global problems could be encountered. And this is not the worst outcome. Often the lingering nature of the correction (when I would like to speed it up, but it will turn out badly for the  sick),  causes bewilderment, doubts and the desire to add something else to speed up the recovery, forgetting everything that Nicolai Levashov wrote in his books, everything that I repeated in my books, people are in a hurry to use a variety of means, trying to convince me and themselves that this will only enhance the effect of my work - not understanding, in fact, what this work consists of and how exactly the applied means are going to make it more effective. In connection with the above, the obvious decision of the "right" patient is to stand still and listen to me attentively - is, in fact, also not the point. Perhaps, the most desirable option for everyone - to obediently, correctly and enthusiastically do everything that is prescribed. This is where there is room for imagination of psychics and healers of various stripes - the more unusual and sophisticated the recipe is, the more confidence the author inspires in the patient, the further the rumor goes and with it the recipe itself, sowing in the heads some awe and joy of saving from the torments. And this, as you already understand, is an EMOTIONAL COMPONENT, completely obscuring any attempts of the Mind to SOW the SEEDS OF COMPREHENSIONAn obedient, ready for everything sick person, most likely, will restore their health to a decent condition with the help provided and... remain a believer in their new "god", an obedient and ready-for everything devotee, without a hint of the ability to generate independent judgment. This is the best and most sought-after option for a sect, for example, which I mentioned above - there, the more devotees and followers, the better. However, this does not exclude that the word of mouth from such a person will lead to New Knowledge, and not to me, as a variant of health assistance, a couple of dozen "devotees", which is already more than good.

In general, there is no one universal solution. Therefore, in this, as in everything else, you have to look for your own solution and not for the set of ready-made options that worked for someone efficiently, but your own, true only and exclusively for you - and by accepting it, bear responsibility for it.

It is a delicate question - why, in general, should I help people in their problems with health, diseases and more? It TAKES A LOT of TIME that I could spend with undoubtedly greater benefits for everyone. For these problems there is already a solution in the form of the 'SvetL" Complexes in different versions. As a result of the help, there are few who are completely satisfied - that is, they, of course, write about their sincere gratitude, etc., but the true state of affairs is not a mystery to me. Judge for yourselves, if I am able to correct the work of the Brain, which is possible only if it is clear what is wrong with the Brain, then obviously it's not a problem to diagnose less sophisticated parameters, not excluding the emotional component, which the majority's thinking is built on today, and the larger this component, the more health problems there are. And, mind you, a little in other words about all this, but in a similar context, Nicolai already said in his books, as well as about why and what for " should not help everyone who asks for help, but only those who deserves it and are worth getting it..." Here is the answer to the delicate question above, and I am writing this so that you, the reader, decide who can determine whether a person is worth getting help. I do not urge to follow myself or to move in my own way, as if allegedly tested and reliable - I ask you to look for your own way.

With this Afterword, I am finishing my fifth book, but this does not mean that the series of my works, which has the name      " N. Levashov's "SvetL" Broom in    A. Khatybov's Bath Science and a Labor Spade" is completed. The story about the ongoing events, our future (as far as possible), the "SvetL" Technologies and new Technologies, such as the created "KNOWLEDGE PORTAL", about the Support Programs for these Technologies, cannot be stopped. Other Technologies, other Programs are already knocking at the door and will probably GET NEW NAMES related to the people who have taken most active part in their creation and development in our rapidly changing world. However, I'm sure that the "SvetL" Technologies, the "SvetL" Programs and the SLN logo (Svetlana-Levashov-Nicolai) that covers it all WILL ALWAYS BE THE FORERUNNERS in the solution of the main problem that people have faced - quite recently - to help correct all that has been "done" to them over the past 2,000 years on our Planet - in the broadest sense of the word "help!"

Reasonable orientation in the ongoing events is necessarily realized with the direct participation of a Person, the development of their Brain' states and functions, their direct participation in gaining the knowledge of the truth, the acquisition of a perfect Mind, and the constant development of the elements of individual and social Consciousness while raising the level of knowledge. Neither people, nor, moreover, modern science, have yet showed or set such an approach and awareness of its significance. This time has come.

AND THE LAST - what can be made public today (unfortunately, not everything, due to the circumstances well known to the reader) and extremely appropriate for the people who have taken the path of knowledge, I wrote and recorded in this book so that later, after a while, the readers could return to the written and compare with the ongoing.

Having finished this fifth book, I am starting a New Project - the exposition of what I myself have known, tested and applied - what I want to convey for people's understanding. There will be 369 articles, notes, essays and other forms of reporting, clarification of information and, possibly, recommendations in application and use. To this I was prompted by the saying of Nikola Tesla: "If you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9 numbers, you would have the key to the universe".  All the information that I have today and which comes to me, the information that I gathered from Nicolai Levashov, and from Alexander Khatybov, and from Anatoli Luchin, and from other true Russian scientists who have passed away and those who are now alive, I will wrap in the acceptable form for those thirsty for knowledge and will present it in my new project!

I will tell you why the whole world lived at the expense of Russia, why for the last 200 years Europe has been "prancing" on the money of Russia and its historical artifacts. America also exists today due to the so-called "brain drain" from Russia in terms of developments and technologies that are beyond the reach of the minds of these people. But everything is going back "to the way it was", and we already clearly see and feel that. The most important transformations in almost everything will begin in 2023. I will explain why on January 19, 2020, at 01:15 a.m., on the same day and for the whole year new Programs were "started automatically," and all together there were 1,500 of them. Some programs will work until December 22, 2020, but most of them will be long-term programs oriented towards the "condition of the state" - when the state changes as such, and by this will change the attitude towards the people who created that state.

2020 is a special year! There will be a big leap in all areas of human life! In 2019 alone, the NECS (Native Earth Control System) "turned around" 1,200 years back in line with the recreated conditions for the complex being of the Earth itself, the restoration of the true processes of nature and human existence, at the level of the Earth dimensionality, the reconstruction of the true control processes to ensure guaranteed conditions for life support and much more. According to this estimation, the Earth has already returned to the level of "undistortions" to 1,200 years back. It is incorrect to say in this connection about being "rejuvenated" for 1,200 years. IT threw off the "distortions" of the complex state of the energy sphere. The Earth is still only recreating its two true Altai-1 and Altai-2 Control Comlexes, as a cosmophysical process for RECREATING THE TRUE CONDITIONS of the Earth's civilized development. In February 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteorite "flew in," and this "gave the start and demonstrated" the Ural Complex, which was turned off 18,000 years ago, which I mentioned in my book. This is quite enough to ensure the current level of energy-information support of the true control processes including the executing actions of people and their public Consciousness formation, changes in their being processes for this transition period and so on.

 You already know that with the beginning of 2020 obvious speculative effects began - for example, the "outburst" of the so-called coronavirus infection COVID-2019. There is no vaccine, how it spreads - NOBODY can say ANYTHING definite - they only speculate and, most importantly, it is hushed up that people "infected", in addition to pneumonia, have intestinal perforation and death occurring in 3-8 days. In China, a huge number of people died from intestinal perforation. People of the "yellow race" are dying all over the world, but the virus has already stepped onto the African continent. However, the conclusion that the "yellow race" is susceptible to infection is WRONG. As soon as the Brain of 4XX Genotype becomes an "orphan" (without energy-information support), the viruses begin to "eat" the lungs and then attack the intestines. For all that, the virus is formed from a person's own cells, and the Brain mistakes the virus for its own structures. One thing I can say for sure - the people who live in Russia now, with the exception of some (though, in my opinion, there are more than enough of them) of the most active individuals, are not threatened.

Against the background of the ongoing, I'll tell you about the principle of "work" of the created "PORTAL OF KNOWLEDGE" (its personal accounts) within the framework of usefulness with and without the "SvetL" Complexes. I will open the "secret" - why, under certain actions of a person within the framework of the User's Instructions, an individual is scanned to GET CONTACT with their BRAINWhy and how the cause of certain Brain deviations related to the reaction (no reaction, passivity) to all changes occurring at the moment both in the short and long term become visible - the mechanisms of interaction are "turned on" and with the help of field physics the BRAIN GEOPHYSICS WILL BE CHANGING.

You will know that the fires beyond the Ural mountains and around the Lake Baikal, destroying vast territories and causing fear and horror both to the "rulers" and to their structures (Ministry of Emergencies, Armed Forces and local authorities), IS NOT ANYTHING ELSE, but a "planned" cleaning of territories from the "unnecessary". It burns where there should not be any forest in the future of the tasks to be solved.

You will know that for those who live now far from their birthplace, once every 8-15 years (cycle) it is necessary to visit their homeland at least FOR SEVERAL DAYS. 8 and 15 years is the correction related to the biological cycle, and you should understand that the homeland is the best Generator of both healing and knowledge. The main thing is to want to know, because if you want to, you will know, but when you know, you will not know everything. One way or another, all the questions that arise in you are indicators, first of all, of the fact that the movement goes on. This alone cannot but make you happy, but it is time not to ask questions, but look for the answers to them. Then the movement is more likely to TAKE THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

And, as advice, especially to young people, in this process of "getting knowledge" - never shout out "Eureka"! This word is from Hebrew. You never should say "Wow!" either. Do not listen to young people, because "Wow!" - is in the Russian translation of "f... yeah!" American Wow! And since we pretend to be intelligent and do not swear (although sometimes you really want to, and especially in the process of getting knowledge), you can simply say: "Yeah!"

A person now, being in a whirlpool of events, destinies, lies and falsehood, was able to gather all their courage, will and reason (in the existing format), seeing in the ongoing everywhere around, not just all around mayhem, but the manifest of the all-around inexpediency of the artificial construction of being on the worldly plane, which is provided and supported by something that is obscurely grasped from the outside, is in the state when in their  own personal world everything suddenly collapses and turns into dust. EVERYTHING AND AT ONCE! Everything turns out to be a well-faked slip, and worked out, as you now see and, roughly and primitively enough to make you gasp for breath or use extremely clear lexical constructions that do not require translation (at least to a Russian person), thus expressing all your annoyance, powerlessness before the accomplished, and at the same time unbearably burning desire, now when the absurdity of everything you were sure of is clear to you, - to see and comprehend the truth. And here you clearly understand that this tiny little step, for all its importance to itself, is the SIMPLEST OBVIOUSNESS, previously imperceptible because of your own stupidity, but with its brilliant simplicity, causing an uncontrollable impulse, the only one that can be expressed through the Russian "f... yeah!.." - and you understand that for someone it is  perhaps even worse... Someone is not able even to express this, if it suddenly happens, limited by the only fashionable and ugly chopped-off "Wow!"

As a result, there comes a moment when they say: "all this is good", of course, - but what to do?.." And as it turns out, no one knows the answer, but for some reason everyone thinks that there is an answer. And it is necessary for us to see that there is an answer, but EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN answer, so it's known where to look for it but in what way? - This is up to everyone, and you can probably do this from the swamp. Well, the indicator that the "process is in progress" - for many of you is  the same "wow" in translation or without it, depending on the degree of "" with the next kick (jab) made by those who had time for it. Here and in my other books, and in this, which you are now finishing reading, there are many places for all of you where while reading you suddenly are rooted to the spot, and then say this "wow!", or, what I am more confident of, the translation will be voiced immediately. This is where I end this book of mine.

Now I can lower the periscope and command - "Boatswain! Descend into the Depth..." as I used to do when I was the commander of the nuclear submarine "K-369!"

I express my sincere gratitude to all those who helped me in writing this book, and especially to the talented Belarusian artist Irina Barsukova (from Vitebsk) for the selection of her drawings.

Feodor Shkrudnev

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