Salvation of Saviors. Series 005_369. A certain formula or – the background for comprehension

Written by Feodor Shkrudnev 

At such a difficult, conflicting, and inconsistent time,
When millions of people on Earth take Validol
- I pick up a pen, to share some information
and my thoughts - on paper!

Regardless of the irrepressible inquisitive thought of people and its constant state of pursuit, at one time they used to develop and pro-create, no matter how regrettable it is to describe, according to the program and in those directions and goals that WERE SET BY THE PREVIOUS SYSTEM for its own interests, until the elimination of that Control System. Details and a description of everything that happened is probably not advisable today, since it may not be correctly interpreted by people at this stage of their conditionally conscious development and the level of their brain functions.  

Today, more expedient and interesting is seeing another side of the majority of many philosophical problematic subjects, previously meticulously hidden from people. 

The programmatically predetermined meaning of the existence of people and the direction of the STEP-BY-STEP DEVELOPMENT OF CIVILIZATION were the very life axis, relative to which the direction of the life line of  the development of people in general was built up and, according to which, the  direction of the life line of the development of people as a whole was adjusted, as an important element of the entire chronoprocess of all future phenomena, actions, and events controlled by the previous System in its targeted guidelines. 

At the present time it makes sense to consider only those aspects of control and their implementation through specific actions and events on Earth that were hidden from people, which were and still remain responsible for the final consequences related to the PRESENT DEAD END in the development of all spheres of human existence. It would be more correct to express that it is not the dead-end of society, but of the historical system, so that one could understand what is happening around us today. Why does it happen in this way, and not in another way, or, to be more precise, why does it not happen as we would have thought, within the framework of our understanding, acquired in the old days? How to solve the life difficulties that have arisen today, like a tsunami that fell upon all people?

 It would be necessary to explain to people the reasons why the system's last historical stage of the achieved complex forms and conditions of people's existence turned out to be incomplete in the final stage of its development. Precisely in the final stage, since this development process was ARTIFICIALLY INTERRUPTED for a number of significant and acquired reasons, some of which are already available in the informational field, and cognized, but not yet by many people, and is being disseminated by them to others. All this is directly related to the peculiarity of the construction and the external control of the vital life axis of the human being in accordance with the stages of civilizational development. It was this vital axis, around which life in its entirety was in full swing, gradually changing one historical system to a more "perfect" one, and was perceived by philosophers and through them by all people, as a verified direction in the development of civilization and it had its own energetic color imprint. The vital life axis, i.e. the constant energy-informational control process, as a corridor of actions and events dictated by the System, making up the general chronoprocess, had a BLACK COLOR!   Yes, exactly black, as the most concentrated and higher order of octaves (frequencies) of energies of the entire informational control process, relative to the octave of the human brain. All other colors could take place only in the case of a significant or insignificant decrease in the level of such octaves of controlling energies in the process of receiving, decoding, assimilating, and realizing them by individuals, as a technological process to lower the level of octaves. 

Here it would be appropriate to recall historical dreamers who supposedly designed the future, advocating in their works and thoughts an eternal bright future, and not only on the basis of the communist or liberal-democratic, but also other ideologies. But in fact, all this turned out to be "fancy jargon," for evening gatherings, instead of the real results of the study of social science - THAT IS THE END OF BRIGHT FUTURE. In the past, and even today, such "builders of the future" are just information translators performing their parts at the level of their brain genotype development, through which the process of manifesting the idea or the program took place.

And nowadays this automatic performance is still present, especially among the so-called "rulers", which is actually observed and most importantly - already understood by almost all those who are referred to, in their understanding, as "silent sheep." It is also understood that they have developed a widespread habit of speaking on behalf of the scriptures: "The Bible says," "Ayurveda says," "according to scientific discoveries." Although there is not a word on this subject in the Bible, Ayurveda in general is about something else, and science has not even heard of it. 

All elemental detailing of this life axis was carried out by "pensive and dreamy" performers from among the ruling class by "decomposing" the information of this black color into illusory multicolor components. In other words, it is the process of translating the information manifested through them, i.e. the embodiment of its essence in the future through a conscious or auto-motor-like "embellishment" of those actions through which it was necessary to come to certain events set by the System while translating such control information. This was the starting point for actions of any scale, both in terms of the quantitative coverage of the involved participants in the actions, and in terms of territorial large-scale involvement. 

But it was only the REAL STARTING POINT, as the program, as the idea for its subsequent implementation through actions and events with the participation of everyone else, but under the guidance of the governing class. Thus, the development from stage to stage was organized, governed and carried out, and all this was perceived as the development of some individual civilizations and outwardly it looked like the achievement of SOME RESULTS IN THEIR DEVELOPMENT. There was and still is a lot of linguistic multilingual false dusting and embellished scientific and literary lies on all the processes of "development" and even today it is "on the rise," therefore people confidently, as it were, perceived what is happening as a certain path along which they follow, i. e. "through thorns to the stars." 

Nowadays, against the background of what is happening, a certain formula of outright neo-positivists, or those who are trying to arrogate to themselves the right of "omnipotent rulers," has opened up to us, consisting of the numbers of banknotes and votes in elections. For their sake, everything human: conscience, honor, duty, shame, pity, and sympathy, has been almost entirely ruthlessly removed from the formula of life. It is enough to analyze what is happening against the background of the so-called pandemic. A pandemic is precisely the BACKGROUND FOR the MANIFESTATION of the many vices of specific public (and non-public) people, the failure of the state as a system to control people, the failure of statehood and everything that we considered unshakable and reliable, and our confidence in the correctness of what the statesmen were doing, as if we were "authorized" to decide our destinies and the destiny of the nation itself. Many people already clearly see that those who represent the so-called "ruling elite," first of all, SEEK MONEY AND POWER at any cost, because only these two categories were, and still are, the meaning, purpose, and value of politics and economics in our country. The question is, will this formula remain a program of action for the Russian elite and for how long? I have long been far from the moralizing calls rushing in from all sides of the Internet and the media (allegedly - independent), at which they laugh out loud in the government offices and frown with annoyance in the offices of large and small oligarchs and state companies. But they simply DO NOT KNOW that the "humanitarian knowledge" despised by them, knowledge and understanding of what is happening, has its own steel logic of life and death, which is stronger than the logic of numbers. The life of the elite is described in detail, and now we understand why and for what reason it was described by the humanitarians in the novels of Balzac, Zola, Stendhal, Dreiser, Tolstoy, Gorky, etc. 


Horses were replaced by cars and helicopters, but Man remained the same - he is as DEFENSELESS BEFORE his conscience, as he is before his death: he is not waiting for either of them, but they will come. This is such a time now in Russia when many people prefer to learn from their own mistakes. In reality, it is INEFFECTIVE to resist the withdrawal of humanitarian knowledge from Russian life. The rich and powerful will not listen to the poor people - if they are so smart, why are they poor? The experience of what is happening, which actually began in 2012-13, is still rather short, but with great prospects, and is important today because people, rather late for them, are beginning to realize the logic of humanitarian knowledge[1]. From my own experience, I know that there is nothing worse than the LOSS of THE SENSE of LIFE, which the majority of people are facing today, having no wish or knowledge of how to grasp the essence of what is happening today, but I think that they are not to blame for this. How can the essence of what is happening be grasped by those who have NOT yet COME INTO CONTACT with the New Knowledge, which has not yet received mass distribution and understanding by people for many reasons? At the very least, consider and apply the mathematical analysis (differential and integral calculus), which was invented by V.G. Leibniz and was hidden from us, because it was created precisely for the DESCRIPTION OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS, and not in order to count money or the flight of a cannon ball or rockets, which many are using it for very profitably[2] today. Back in 1675, Leibniz proved that all higher mathematics CANNOT solve the equation of even the simplest human act, let alone human consciousness. Therefore, the "humanitarian" V. G. Leibniz (lawyer, psychologist, logician, linguist, mathematician: - all in one) gifted natural scientists with his mathematical analysis. Due to inattention to this fact, the "powers that be", and especially recently, began to control the behavior of people, to whom their hands reached, following the precepts of the son of the Great French Revolution, the creator of positivism, Auguste Comte,[3] although many of them have never heard of Comte. Positivism has already caused a lot of troubles, whipping out humanitarian knowledge as a science from the consciousness of people, although how many troubles are still ahead? Figures, figures, figures of stock exchange reports, exchange rates, sociological research, counting of votes in elections, and behind are graves, graves and graves of young men, reducing the population of Russia, which was discarded without mercy, care, or humane conditions. The error is that conscience, love, honor, duty, and nobility ARE NOT MEASURED in numbers, and therefore CAN NEITHER BE BOUGHT NOR SOLD. Politics are the brainchild of humanitarian knowledge, and the appearance of mathematics in it is its death, because there is nothing human in its formula. This is a critical fact, especially for today. Many "rulers" have fallen into the trap of ignoring humanitarian knowledge. 

By the way, like any of us, they have been solving the main humanitarian task that faces everyone immediately after birth: "to work our way to people." Indeed, as soon as we are born, we cry at the top of our lungs, drawing our mother's attention!  God forbid she does not hold us to her chest! 

Then we show affection to our parents to feel their tenderness, which we need like breathing air. Who has not seen how little children are jealous of their parents and fight for them with everyone to whom they show the slightest attention? Then we try to look beautiful and strong in order to get our well-deserved measure of love. Then, with our talent as a professional, or courage as a soldier, we try to earn the recognition of many people, without which life is not a life. All we yearn for in this life is a glance, a touch, another person's words of approval. Even psychopaths smoke on the subway and swear loudly in order to ATTRACT ATTENTION, because otherwise no one notices them, as if they were invisible. It is unbearable, and they have no other way to people. Especially now, all of this is developed on the Internet in social networks - and you do not need to smoke in the subway - you can attract attention to yourself with your judgment of someone or something, without choosing words and without even thinking about what you write, let alone the consequences of what you wrote - I will not say another word. We all choose different options for a "way to people." Chosen according to our understanding of that way. The way may lead "along the mathematical curved line", and not along the "humanistic straight line."


I have seen many cynics who find such reasoning ridiculous, because they got lucky: they were not thrown into the garbage chute after birth, they were not left in the maternity hospital, they were not kicked out of work and out of the country, they were not left to die in an empty apartment. They are still lucky. But they can get very unlucky if THEY DO NOT REALIZE that everything that a person has: from mother's milk to a piece of bread, from carnal pleasures to self-confidence is granted to him by other people. The reason it is "granted," is because this happiness CANNOT BE BOUGHTand it CANNOT BE RIPPED AWAY. We even understand ourselves by looking into the eyes of other people, like into a mirror. If there are no eyes to look into, and if there are no hands to touch, then a person dies all alone, even if he is being very active on the Internet, thinking that he is famous  and therefore giving out "recommendations" left and right, which are not based on anything, but he assumes everyone is listening to him! Yet this is far from the case - the time comes when there is no one to give him a glass of water, to call a doctor, or to ask: is he still alive? I do not want to list many such tragedies of recent months. 

There are NO SECRETS in history; there is nothing that WOULD NOT BECOME explicit. Disguising real actions with hoaxes is one of the dimensions of the "governing formula" used for decades by the so-called "elite" and "rulers." This is quite a childish trick that has been described hundreds of times in humanitarian studies, which, certainly, have not been read by those people who think such ideas are unnecessary. It is all visible to everyone today, especially with the "illumination" created by the "coronavirus" and its so-called first and second waves. 

These people were trapped in the illusion of easy access to the people they need, like any of us. In the 1990s, opportunities opened in the Russian Federation to acquire services and bodies of people in exchange for money and power. Many people took advantage of this opportunity. These illusions made it possible to give up self-knowledge, work according to one's profession, and go after power and money, as the opportunity to decide the destinies of people, determine their behavior, make them dependent, and get from them whatever one wanted. It is easy to succumb to this illusion, because the "way to people" is an INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TASK: millions of people encounter one another for years every day, and do not even notice each other. People can be at arm's length, but it is like there are invisible walls, a whole jungle of obstacles that can be overcome only by self-perfection, self-knowledge, or striving for that, by hard work, as many ordinary citizens do. This is the only way that abilities turn into bright talents and feats, from which the "way to people" is paved. Not everyone succeeds in this: they lack strength, intelligence, will, aspiration, or character. Therefore, they say that "life is no bed of roses." The trouble with today's rulers is that they were tempted with the opportunity to overcome the way to people in one leap, which has been dragged on for several long decades. They have not stood the test of money and power. They reduced their formula for life to money and power, as the highest measure of all things. This is repeatedly described by Balzac, Moskovichi, Zimmel and others. They probably have not read them, so they missed the humanitarian component of the problem: money and power provide a fatal opportunity not to take into consideration people and their opinions. They received an ersatz version of everything they wanted, but on the condition that the soul, pity, compassion, and nobleness were excluded from the "formula of power," ruthlessly removing the people in their way, on their path to money and power. To take everything away, without giving anything to people - this was laid in their heads initially, at the beginning of the last stage of the implementation of the "plan" that completes the main program of the Old Control System. 

Are these "mistakes" going to be corrected in Russia? If we judge this at the everyday level of thinking of these "rulers," which is highlighted by the current pandemic, NOBODY THINKS ABOUT IT. They most likely think that the "formula of power" they created in the early 2000s will quietly continue the process of population reduction, which the economy based upon the extraction of gas and oil  does not need, because according to this formula, the problem of debit and credit is more important than the problem of good and evil. It is more than obvious to me that the so-called "leaders," for whom humanitarian reasoning and the one based on the New knowledge, which nevertheless makes its way into this world, seems ridiculous, as they realize the fallacy of solving Russia's problems according to the "formula of power" invented by them, but they are unable to correct anything. One can only imagine for a moment what will happen if not only the "elite" and the "rulers," but all the citizens of Russia think one thing and say another; say the second and do the third; do the third and show the fourth, etc. Impressive, isn't it! This is the "formula of power," which, if adopted by the entire population of the Russian Federation, will turn out to be a double-edged sword.

 For example, today the Government realized that it does not know what half of the country's citizens are doing. And stating "half" is just putting it mildly: more than half of the country's population has gone into the gray economy, like underground, following the "formula of power," and does not pay taxes. Or, recently, the whole country learned about a "huge plunder" in the forestry industry and suddenly began to fight it. I can name ten more, and they are more significant problems for the fate of the country, and which the Government of the Russian Federation HAS NOT EVEN TOUCHED yet. What should be done? Both the "rulers" and the working people have to abandon this "formula of power" because if they do not, the people in the country will not trust the government, and the government will not trust the people. This is not a problem of the authorities and the "ruling elite," it is a problem in understanding the ongoing changes that no elite and no rulers will be able to stop and this is the problem of all people, a problem that can be solved, provided that these people want to know, understand, and change. This is a problem in understanding new realities in the global political philosophy of Russia. And yet, Man still will  (re)turn to time from a little meaningful counting of hours, minutes and seconds, and will really understand that he SHOULD NOT torment  both science and himself with searches for  various reasons, for example, for dividing the whole of history into different types of civilizations and similar  speculations based on nothing. 

You don't believe what is written here? Then go and read at least the works of Nikolai Morozov. Find a reference point for understanding and cognition first of all - for yourself and then, quite possibly, your Brain will begin to understand, for example, that over the past 18,000 years, there has been just one Civilization, and it was simply divided into stages. At the heart of the time frame for each stage of the development of Civilization, the parameters of the executive stage-by-stage processes from the programs for the "Development of brain genotypes and energy biogenesis of body flesh" were laid. Any development of productive forces or production relations, any peculiarities of building  social structures of control or  the distribution of benefits through any form of property, any mystical influence of "isms" or other attempts by theorists to base the division of the whole of history into  certain types of civilizations - all this is not objective, for this is a consequence of the lack of true knowledge about the realities of the previously occurring  processes in the development of  people by an external  control system. Moreover, the very information-technological control process at each stage was almost identical. Apart from the changes in the level of knowledge dictated by the System and the corresponding level of development of technologies for the production of goods and services, as well as control structures for the organization of production and distribution of goods ON THE BASIS OF VIOLENCE, as a  consequence and a product of the execution of the program for the development of brain genotypes, there were no significant changes in the world of people. Yet today we are witnessing real changes in this expanded process. The entire multi-colored veil, like a legend, in the orientation of development through various ideas, proclaimed programs, "discoveries" and so on, was and still remains so far, only as a distraction to keep the developing brain of people from realizing the actual truth of the processes taking place. This legend, with its distracting attention, is focused on various "activities" regarding changing social structures and the forms of government through forced and compulsory violence; and worldly, consumerist, entertainment, and spiritual orientation, which is changing very actively today, as the brain functions improve. An illusory and outwardly spectacular HISTORICAL JUMP from a loincloth to fashionable clothes from Versace, from a wild horse to a Rolls-Royce, from falling from a tree to flying on a large rocket to the level of the upper atmosphere, while still maintaining a DREAMY NAIVETE ABOUT SPACE, - is all  of this the development of civilization,  or an aspiration to satisfy the growing insatiable consumer instinct, laid down in the foundations of controlling the existence of people by the old System? Of course, yes, and there is no longer any doubt about this, after analyzing what is happening today. And where is the main thing, i.e. the development of the complex of functions of the true purpose of Man on Earth and their consistent realization, where is the perfection of the Minds of all Mankind and its harmony with the Universal Mind, where, in the end, is the DEVELOPING MAN HIMSELF without vices and with that spiritual purity of thought from his natural greatness? There is no Him. He was splattered in the single-purpose consumption of goods and services, he was lost in the wilds of greed with their unequal power division, while not forgetting to also destroy the environment with particular aggression! Only one such causal outcome is enough for a "thinking" civilization to have no rights and hopes for its existence in general, especially in the future. This is exactly a decision that was made from the level of the new System and the Universal Mind. Believe it or not - it is your right, but all that is happening, with a careful analysis of it, speaks to this. It is precisely because of the INEXPEDIENCY OF THE DEVELOPMENT of such a "thinking" existence that in our time the beginning of the era of recreation of truly native pre-intervention conditions of control and restoration of all other complex conditions on Earth is timed. Any system gets rid of any atavism, since it is inevitable. 

It is necessary to correctly determine in a timely manner what is now objectively manifested as atavism, concerning all spheres of human existence and their very life in general. All the circumstances of the system conditions emerging at the moment are already being brought to their level, including control, to the conditions of the 0th year of the new era, as the initial starting step of this stage of the ongoing changes, so far! THIS IS NOT ONLY INEVITABLE, it is a mandatory process associated with the liquidation of some of the consequences of the intervention of the Earth. However, all judgments on the conditions of the control atavism, changes in living conditions and the environment are premature for the time being. First of all, it is necessary to SETTLE ACCOUNTS WITH OURSELVES on what will be subject to liquidation from the results of the achieved level of the development of people, and what needs to be preserved, how, and what to be ready for. 

*         *         * 

On a cold January morning, a man went into a Washington D.C. metro station and set up to play the violin, as an ordinary busker. In 45 minutes, he played 6 pieces. During that time, since it was rush hour, more than a thousand people passed by, most of whom were on their way to work, another 20, without stopping to listen, threw money into his case. The musician earned 32 dollars. None of the passers-by knew that the violinist was Joshua Bell - one of the best musicians in the world. He played some of the most difficult pieces ever written, and the instrument was a Stradivarius violin worth $ 3.5 million.

Two days before his performance in the subway, his concert in Boston, where the average ticket price was $100, was sold out. 

Joshua Bell's subway play is part of a social experiment by the Washington Post on perceptions, tastes, and priorities of people, the principles of which were: do we feel beauty in an everyday environment? Will we stop to appreciate it? Do we recognize talent in unexpected situations?

 One of the conclusions of this experiment may be as follows: if we cannot find the time to stop for a while and listen to the best pieces of music ever written by one of the best musicians on the planet; if the pace of modern life has become so impetuous that we become blind and deaf, then why do we need such a life? Why do we need an unceasing pursuit of other people's imposed values? And what else do we lose in this crazy race?

There is only one answer: We are losing the main thing in the bustle of everyday life - we are losing life itself.  


F. D. Shkrudnev

[1] Humanitarian knowledge is knowledge about the spiritual side of a person. The subject of humanitarian knowledge is values, principles, concepts that have individual significance; it is a reality that is endowed with human meaning. Thanks to humanitarian knowledge, a person has the ability to navigate in the world around him, to understand the processes taking place around him, to build causal relationships

[2] Leibniz V.G. "New experiments on the human mind", M., 1939.

[3] Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte; (January 19, 1798-1857 September) is a French philosopher. The founder of positivism. The founder of sociology as an independent science. Major works - which brought him the greatest fame "Course of Positive Philosophy" (vols. 1-6, 1830-1842) and "The System of Positive Politics, or Treatise on Sociology, establishing the Religion of Humanity"

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