I feel like reaching the bottom of everything. 

Nowadays, the greatest resonance is gained not by the ideas that flash with advertising flows in front of the mainstream of people, but those that allow everyone to express themselves in front of the like-minded people. The main thing is to give birth to the idea: at the right time and in the right place. 

At 21.00, February 21, 2021 of the 21st century, I closed my eyes and leaned back on the sofa. And I thought — so little time left... before the holiday. I opened my eyes… the Control System is sitting next to me smiling... And I realized… it is difficult to fall on my knees in front of the Control System when SHE is already sitting on them, even on the eve of the holiday! What is to be done? I remembered Berdyaev: who back then so precisely defined Woman as the Control System of everything and everyone, as compared to us — the defenders of the Motherland. Woman is not of a lower level than Man, she is at least equal to him, and even higher than him. Her mission is great, but in the feminine, womanlike way, not masculine one. Equality of man and woman IS PROPORTIONAL EQUALITY, equality of peculiar values, but not equalization and assimilation. After all, a book on philosophy and a statue, a scientific discovery and a picture can be equal in dignity and greatness.

So where did this Control System come from, which make ready a holiday for us (February 23, recently calling it "The Day of the Motherland Defender"), and makes us getting ready for the next main Holiday, which again emphasizes Her definite importance. So how did She come into being — this Control System? 

Nowadays a Human is considered to be A SUPERCOMPLEX object, that makes his choice all the time — where to go, what to do, what to choose, and this process is continuous. And who pushed him to this and made him think about all this? Probably, still the Mind. However, if the Control System periodically knocks on the head, not on Hers, but on ours — a male's head, then continuity begins to flow in the human mind at a different pace of time. The complex does not exist without choice. How to find this thread? Probably, we still have to return to the source, even if it was invented in due time to suit the tasks to be solved, which to this day "haunt us" even in anticipation of the upcoming festivities!

So — God created the Earth, rested. Then God created Man, rested. Then God created Woman as the System to Control Man — so God thought. After that — neither God nor Man rested... And God created Man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female created he them1. Most people when asked "Who was the first woman on the Earth?" — they answer: "Eve, created by God from the rib of Adam." AND THEY ARE WRONG — the first woman was Lilith2.

In the Jewish tradition, Lilith usually appears as a female demon. This demon takes possession of men against their will in order to bear children from them 

Lilith is the name of a woman who, according to myths and even the Bible, was created before Eve. In the Old Testament of the Pentateuch of Moses, the first book of Genesis describes the creation of the world and the first people. The appearance of a woman there is actually mentioned twice. About the sixth day it is written: "And God created man in his own image and likeness, just as he created man and woman." And only after the DESCRIPTION OF THE SEVENTH DAY, the Bible tells the story of a woman whom God created from the rib of Adam. "And God made Adam fall asleep in a sound sleep, and he took one of his ribs and closed his place with his body and turned the Lord God this rib, taken from Adam, into a woman and brought her to Adam." It turns out that there were two women: created on the sixth day and on the seventh. This was the forerunner of the creation of the reliable Control System; of course, it is clear — by whom, even before Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg came into being.

So, — "...before Eve there was Lilith" — says the Hebrew text. The legend of her even inspired the English poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828—1882) to write the poem "Eden Bower". Lilith was a snake, SHE WAS THE FIRST WIFE of Adam and gave him "glittering sons and radiant daughters". God created Eve later. In order to take revenge on Adam's earthly wife, Lilith persuaded her to TASTE THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT and conceive Cain, the brother and murderer of Abel. This is the original myth that Rossetti followed.

During the Middle Ages, it changed under the influence of the word layil, which in Hebrew means "night". Lilith is no longer a snake, but a ghost of nightSometimes she is an angel who is in charge of the birth of people, sometimes she commands demons who attack sleeping alone or wandering travelers. In the popular imagination, she appears as a tall, silent woman with her black hair down. 

The author of the painting "Lilith" is John Collier3. This painting is in London, at the Atkinson Art Gallery.

Since we are talking about the myth, the circumstances of the biblical legend are NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT. It doesn't matter that it was Eve, and not Lilith, who plunged Adam into sin. It doesn't matter that Eve, and not Lilith, brought lust into the world by cheating on Adam with the Serpent. The topic of the not simple relationship between Eve and the Snake was developed in many sources. It is of interest that although all participants in the fall are punished: Adam, Eve, the Serpent and even the Earth, all responsibility rests with Adam, and even the sin is called "Adam's". The meaning of "Adam's sin" is that God commanded Adam: "...but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you do not eat of it, for on the day that you eat of it, you shall surely die" (Gen. 2:17). What is Adam doing? He acts like many husbands after him. To be on the safe side, he TELLS a Lie TO HIS WIFE, exaggerates the danger: "Only the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of paradise, God said, do not eat them and do not touch them.Although God DID NOT AT ALL FORBID to touch the fruits. Eve saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and took its fruit. And nothing happened! And then she fell into sin — she ate the forbidden fruits and gave them to her husband, and he ate. (Genesis 3: 6). And of course, the Talmudic treatise sums up — "What made Eve touch the tree? The words of Adam, who built a fence around the words of God."

A lot of various, supposedly sacred mysteries, which were kept by some directions of esotericism, are now being revealed, and you should take them calmly. Let it be a mystery, but for now. Esoteric materials were really useful, but only AT THE RIGHT TIME! And the conclusion on the eve of the Holiday suggests itself — this is how the Control System began to work, including esotericism, and many other things (sometimes useful for us, the Adams) constantly placing responsibility for everything on us, Adam's sinners. 

By the way, American scientists from the Institute of Population Genetics made a discovery at one time. The researchers tried to figure out how genes are passed down the maternal line from generation to generation of genetic relatives. With the help of computer technology, the scientists have reduced the number of ancestral lines of all women living today to two mother clans, and not to one, as previously thought. Thus, it was possible to prove that Adam had two wives — Lilith and Eve, and from both of them mankind comes. True, scientists from other countries are very skeptical about the discovery of the Americans. However, this allows the Mind, WHICH THEY "KNOCKED", while advancing in cognition, to continuously seek, seek and seek the answer to the question — so what is Woman?

Nikolai Morozov, touching upon this subject, very gently and tactfully described a historical influence of the feminine principle on the processes in the development of people, which, in fact, were initiated by the Ebres4 who came to our land.

Nicolai Levashov, in his writings, also repeatedly touched upon this subject placing emphasis on his Control System — Svetlana — whom he LOVED AND WORSHIPPEDBut there was also Lilith in his life, who quite seriously influenced, at one time, everything that he created, did and left to us as his heritage and the possibility to understand the ongoing. I described all this in the articles that I published after Nicolai passed away and I am not going to say it again. Those interested can find it and see.

Alexander Khatybov — as always, deeply, attentively and outside the box expounded what he had learned in this area. Strangely enough, he concentrated most of his attention to this subject realizing the calculation part in many fundamental scientific areas, carefully accepting Woman as the Control System, as the model optimization of various structures directly related to the very existence and development of this so-called (in his terminology) object in its transitional states for a more ACCELERATED WAY OF ACHIEVING the set goals. Of course, most people, reading Khatybov, take him for the author of Science fiction, about the same as N. Levashov. But Nicolai always remembered that people were unprepared for such information and did his best to make it intelligible. Khatybov NEVER CARED about this, because the primary thing for him was the genuine information received by him and not distorted (even if it shocked some people). The world, created not by us, is completely different, and it should be presented from a slightly different perspective of our understanding. Poor OUR BRAIN should be at least a little prepared, because it was already loaded with something that it could not have gained for thousands of years! It is exactly for this reason that I made up my mind to present information about everything that I myself learned from the works of these Geniuses, nevertheless taking Levashov's "softness" as a basis.

I pondered for a long time (several years) about the information that I received in relation to Woman as the Control System from Khatybov's works and the time (expediency) of conveying it to people for thinking, because it is difficult to explain what is still impossible to be explained. And HERE, EXACTLY 02/21/21 and 21st century at 21 o'clock,when, opening my eyes I saw the Control System smiling at me — I MADE UP MY MIND TO DO IT. Moreover, on the eve of the Holiday, once introduced by the interventionist System "through" Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg, but nowadays transformed by the native System into the holiday of Spring, Love and all women, of course, not without our participation, as the System to Control us — Adams. I will shorten the information a little and try to make it PLAIN, especially for the Control Systems, hoping that they (Control Systems) will understand me correctly and without serious consequences... for the author. 

1. Destructive forces of the Earth

All large hurricanes, tsunamis are all given female names.Apparently, it is not at random everything related to destruction is given female name or is of feminine gender. This pattern was legalized by the Synod at the beginning of the twentieth century, when "mother" became synonymous with "materialism", or "matter". The moon is a female name; Tatiana is the first atomic bomb ("sex bomb" is a petting female name). 

2. The black widow spider is known in Africa

This widow, after copulation, just eats up the partner. And in line with this scenario, films have been made, horror books have been written about happy life of spider women.

This is considered the norm for women. A woman has a willingness to fulfill someone else's ideal with deep devotion, to do selflessly what is expected of her However, Woman is not at all to blame for the fact that sometimes she refuses to obey the rules of conduct established for her — after all, these rules were invented by men, and, moreover, without any participation of Woman.

You can agree, you can disagree, but these are some of the "built-in" elements of Woman, as the Control System. 

3. Amazons

As it is explained to children in the elementary grades of schools, the Amazons are fearless, beautiful women who chose freedom, learned the art of war and, in order to make it easier to shoot a bow and arrows, cut off their right breast. 

History abounds in Amazons. These are, first of all, fairy tales (the journey of Odysseus), but there is also a reality — there was a fortress of the Amazons in Slovakia. It had its own customs and traditions. At the birth of a boy, his right eyeball was taken out, he became a slave. The Amazons kept male "producers" who did not dare raise a hand against them. All other men were killed. The local population took the fortress by storm, and all the Amazons were killed. Modern Amazons look at us from screens — beautiful, arrogant, self-confident, armed to the teeth (from the plots of computer games), ready to kill or maim anyone. The bulk of detective stories (of course, with murders) are written by women who KNOW BETTER how to kill. As a rule, these women, DO NOT HAVE BREASTS (maximum — the smallest size). All of them are from "good" families. Many seek to get into law enforcement systems or power systems, where they are given freedom of action. In December 2003, the series “Russian Amazons” was released. The film showed the so-called intuitive method, which allows solving a crime not by logical deductive construction, but by intuitive spontaneous behavior. In the course of the experiment, a completely unexpected conclusion is made — the BEST RESULTS in the intuitive method are achieved precisely by Women.  

4. Favorite female names

All especially dangerous, poisonous animals, reptiles, fish, etc. are given female names or of feminine gender. Viper, cobra, gyurza. Dangerous snakes are anaconda, a dangerous predator is a shark, the most dangerous is an orca. The most stupid, brainless birds are a chicken, a duck (at the same time, they are examples of caring for offspring). 

5. Mission of women

5.1. Procreation

 Only if the frequency set for a man and a woman completely coincided there is a possibility of procreation. New frequencies are inserted every 12 years. Woman plays the role of a "sandbox", in which the sperm size is increased up to 3.5 kg with the octave lowering from 96 to 71.375375.

5.2. Extinction of the genus

 Women’s behavior depends on the Moon (for example, menstrual cycles). On receiving information that the sperm must be destroyed, for one reason or another— with the so-called miscarriage or the use of abortions, it is eliminated. As a rule, Man goes to prison for rape or for any sins (he is cut off in an isolation ward for subsequent destruction). However, we should note that a woman is a PERPETRATOR OF VIOLENCE or rather, her field characteristic. In maternity hospitals, the main contingent of doctors are women, through them, until recently, the birth rate, the number of children by gender and the possibility of poor mothers’ giving birth were controlled. 

5.3. Collecting information

This is the most dangerous part of the job that the spiders (in the Control System) TRUSTED ONLY TO WOMEN. It was necessary not only to collect information, process it, transmit, but also have time to infect the necessary diseases (stick a label for further use). 

Therefore, it, profession number 1, is called the most ancient one, and the main one5. In addition, these are "automatic machines" for collecting sperm within the framework of solving the problems of the interventionist System to control the reproduction of people in certain territories. To work in this "profession", a woman's brain was freed of (now it is just relieved from) everyday worries, the possibility was provided to collect information in any region of the world (that is why so many women left the former USSR), comfortable conditions were created in places of sperm collection (not in the hayloft). Easy virtue is the smallest disadvantage of women of easy virtue.  

It should be borne in mind that if low-frequency components of sperm can be collected into a condom and thrown away, then the HIGH-OCTAVE PART is felt in the mouth by a woman as a specific taste at the moment of sperm discharge into the vagina; it enters the brain and is transmitted to the analysis system of the Control System with the subsequent realization of the claimed tasks. In the New Control System, this “function” is present and plays a slightly different role — depending on both the regional position and the Brain genotype of both (a woman and her man). 

In 1990, the book "The Adventures of a Space Prostitute" was published. This is a spider which, depending on where it was necessary to get the sperm, turned into a beautiful woman, a cow, a hare, etc. Again, a question — how did the author know that it was a woman with a SPIDER-CONTROLLED BRAIN intended for this? This is how in the framework of the New Control System the disclosure of what was hidden has been taking place. And both Systems (the Old and the New CS) took part in creating a "local CS" for us — the Adams.

5.4. Creating a halo

The spider must last forever (the analogue — the video "Stargate"). 

Direct transplantation of matrices brought about the consumption of material and the end of their existence on the Earth. The first successful experiment — "Jesus Christ" — is not a fairy tale, but the fact of the formation and binding the matrix at a certain stage of sperm development (octave 37.5). For all that, the matrix itself was NOT TRANSPLANTED. For the mass production, it was necessary to capture the Control Complex, which was done. From that moment there began to come out — the icons of the Mother of God, the Kazan Mother of God, the Virgin Mary, etc. They all had the same meaning — Woman became a TROIAN HORSE CONTROLED BY THE SPIDERS. From that moment on, the Woman's Brain, controlled by spiders, was tied both to the Earth Control Complex and to the Moon, for subsequent modifications in the corresponding regions, and in matters of the genotypes Brain development. This accounts for the fact that all Woman cycles take place within the so-called "lunar calendar".

The halo depicted on icons with a woman and a child in her arms (and not a separately sitting young spider) is a symbol of the spider’s victory on the alien planet. It is this event of a universal scale and the song "We are children of the Galaxy" and, most importantly, "...we are your children, dear Earth..." on the eve of 2012 should be perceived as the final victory, — the Ebres intentions ARE TO BE NEVER REALIZED... 

5.5. The Controls

 The civilization controls are exercised through Woman. It was noticed that whatever was the Ruler, either the wife or the closest mistresses were JewsThis fact is very well described in the works of N. Levashov. CONTROL IS TRANSMISSION OF THOUGHTS. The receiver is selected at the initial stage (such as a prince and a shepherdess, or a prince and Cinderella). The information received by the "Cinderella" is "pumped" into the Prince's Brain, and he believes that he invented everything himself. If the prince "went off the rails", he is replaced. Cinderella is not the only one for the prince — it is a round dance that complements each other and duplicates to the prince what he has already received. 

For science, the death of Alexander I and appearance of Anastasia (daughter of Nicholas II) in Europe remain a mystery. The brain (Anastasia's matrix) was immediately removed after receiving the death signal and within 4 hours it was installed in a new biomass with similar DNA (but not the same). Why — 4 hours? This is the MAXIMUM WORKING TIME OF THE BRAIN at the expense of other organs that have their own magnetic impulse of life.

By the way, the Indians removed the scalp not because they liked it, but in order to prevent the information transmission in the determined period of time. The Polish girl, who received Anastasia's brain, perfectly remembered all the nice things of the tsar's life. However, DNA research has shown different "conveyors".

5.6. Upbringing

 It is believed that Woman is the guardian of hearth and home — she cooks, and cleans, and looks after the children. All this is described by J. Swift in Gulliver's Journey, especially in the chapter where the country is ruled by horses.

Through the Control System (which was in the spiders’ clutches), WOMAN was RECORDED WHAT to give to the child. If the child has a matrix, then ALL CONDITIONS are created for the child to rule over the others. If he does not have matrix, then he is to be honest, obedient, well-mannered, ready for any crime (the mother does not emphasize this), be ready to kill all those whom the spiders did not manage to kill or whose killing involves self-destruction. 

If a child is a girl (no matrix), then she IS TO SERVE one of the functions described above. So, a prostitute is not able TO BRING UP CHILDREN — she is not meant for this.

5.7. "Female" diseases

Yes, exactly female’s, men do not have them. These are not necessarily mastitis and diseases of the reproductive system. These are venereal diseases. Again, they are given a female name (cosmic scale). The transformation of the female egg cell, its decay leads to the formation of the autonomous self-replicating structures such as gonorrhea, syphilis. The living cell, which is part of the egg cell structure, disintegrates, forming viruses. A colony of viruses is CONNECTED with THE BRAIN, that is, it has a "marker". This marker is passed on to Man. If Man has no connection with the Control Complex, then he will be found by the "marker". The formation of markers are the main female diseases, you cannot get rid of them. You can then remove the ionic structures of viruses, but the neutrino bases of the markers remain. 

5.8. A sweet couple — a Woman and the Moon

All women (with some exceptions) enjoy the Moon while hug-sitting (lying) on a bench on the bank of a river (sea). This is NOT QUITE an idle pastime — whether women shine on the Moon, or the Moon shines on everyone — this subject has not been raised separately. 

However, it was noticed that the Metonian6 calendar has 235 months (19 years), an active regime in women takes exactly 18×2=36 years, since 12 years of age. French women have a slogan: "the first child from the age of 43". 

The installation of the Brain to an infant occurs 12 months after the conception. 

THE TOTAL PERIOD OF PREGNANCY is 274 days (for cats — 52 days). The period of pregnancy is related to the artificial cycle for the Earth (366) and has no biological connection.

Note that boys are born when the moon is rising, and girls when the moon is declining. If the fetus is of the wrong size or does not have the necessary parameters, the Earth's Brain organizes a miscarriage. All 36 years women ARE UNDER THE CONTROof the Moon and are the direct translators of all the commands from the Moon. Woman is not able to activate the received commands, so she finds a SPIDER-TYPE "final male device" and dumps everything that she received (distortions are possible). The "final male device" converts the received information (musical tones) into commands and uses it in everyday life with the full support of the Control System. Thus, the MOON FULLY CONTROLS WOMEN. It became possible since 0 year after the introduction of the first group of monitoring frequencies. Tales about Christ appeared later. The shape of the child is formed by the Moon, and in such a way that if there is no connection, there comes out a monster — a spider. That is, for all those who received a sperm from a spider, there must be frequencies in the sandbox (woman) that provide the child with the form of a man, that is why «лЮди» have a female origin.  

5.9. Application

Vampire women. Women fortune-tellers and vestals, cassandras. Women politicians. Women prodigies. Woman’s matrix. Why women need gold and diamonds.

The film "The Master and Margarita" perfectly demonstrates the capabilities of female vampires. The fact that a "bogeyman" do not give a shadow and read all thoughts, as well as make the necessary records in the brain of all who wants, all this is described by Bulgakov. Female vampires only work during the full moon and only at night. Actually, removal of the necessary frequencies from the patients is made by "bogeymen" and the women only adjust the obtained difference by removing unnecessary blood. For cats, this process is accompanied with purring (does not cause allergies). So, the main thing is that in order to realize all these properties, it is necessary to have a phantom[7], or "a bogeyman”, which will look into other people's pockets, cleanse the Brain of those who wish, warn against danger, and so on. Optically, a phantom is not visible, therefore they talk about the "properties of the Brain", especially when the lady begins to wiggle her fingers. If until 1945 phantoms were a rare thing, then their mass production began, especially since 1988. There appeared "consultants" in banks, performers in circuses, agents for special services, and so on.

Fortune-tellers have existed for a long time, as a rule, they are gypsies. They READ THE DATA OF THE MATRIX, which each person has, and, using any available improvised means (including playing cards), "predict fate." Almost all gypsies are engaged in fortune-telling, in fact only 1 in 12,000-13,000 gypsies is able to read the matrix by 67-68 %.The matrix is read by the gold that a woman or a man is decorated with. It is the matrix bond frequency and gold frequencies that are compatible, and gold is an amplifier, or catalyst. By the way, if such a gypsy gets into an apartment, she instantly finds a place where gold is hidden. Note that fortune-tellers only read the matrix. A rarer case is vestals(as she said, so be it). Here the phantom interferes. The previously recorded information in the matrix is corrected, and the vestal is notified of this, who verbalizes what is corrected. In 2007, it was planned to give this property to all women. It did not happen.

Cassandra. In all ages they were burned on the bonfire, and the fear of them was great enough. Cassandra had brains of high octaves, which allowed them to see any sequence of events, taking information from the atmosphere Brain. The last cassandra disappeared after 1623. A protection was installed against reading information from the Atmosphere Brain, and this process stopped.

The phenomena of the Vanga type should be noted separately. This is an extended version of the fortune teller — information was read from the visitor's Brain. There was a connection with the atmosphere Brain, which provided her with everything else. Vanga was a complete Female- Spider. 

Women are getting involved in politics not because they do not want to do chores — just when the matrix was set, the SETTING CODES WERE MIXED, and the woman began to perform functions that were not characteristic of her — the recycling of information. Apart from harm, you will get nothing from such a translator. Comments are not needed — it is enough to take a closer look at the characters today, which "flooded" the power structures. Ministers, generals (not to be confused with general’s wives), senators, deputies of all stripes, and the like.

Of special interest are female prodigies. If there is a place, and conditions allow (the presence of all the necessary frequencies), a woman can HAVE SEVERAL MATRIXES (up to 6), each of which determines the activity in a specific spectrum of knowledge.

Gold was created as a structure that is universal for any matrix. The frequencies of gold are used for communication. If you pay attention to the ring on the ring finger ("Chinese" points of blood vessels), you see that it has the shape of a pyramid, and information is read (recorded) on the blood structure. Some have gold not only on all the fingers and toes, but also teeth; in addition to this there are chains, key rings and the like, but the main element is precisely the RING ON THE RING FINGER. The change of the right hand to the left one is also symbolic — the Atmosphere Brain does everything so that "such" a woman is not alone. There are 22 radiation frequencies available (including alpha, beta, and gamma). Gold is also radioactive, but there are no instruments for this radioactivity.  

All the gold that is "put on" a woman (a lot) is an additional factor in the control of frequency components, reducing control errors to the minimum. I have already mentioned this in detail in my books. Gold, as a marker for biostructures, has a bundle in the chain of octaves 32÷42÷53, which allowed the atmosphere Brain to TRACK ITS "OWN" BIOSTRUCTURES, that is, individuals with some introduced Brain genotype. If we assemble a layout of a three-dimensional figure from a sheet of gold, which reflects the rotation of the curve of the negative form of hydrogen along the spectral lines of gold, we get a kind of "natural pump" resembling the shape of an onion. Such a pump, on the one hand, collected from the Brain of all those present (in the temple with onion domes) most of the potentials related to the energy-information frequency spectrum. At the same time, this "pump" from a depth of 1200 METERS PUMPED to under the dome of the church all the necessary information accumulated on the busses in the area where the church was located in line with the current program.  

Gold is used as a substitute because of the lack of thought, since gold is an isotope that at any time can turn into lead according to the scheme: AuUPb. In total, there are 24 variants of "stable isotopes" in gold, each with a lifetime of more than 4000 years. All isotopes have an initial (original) frequency structure and an initial matrix. According to this initial matrix, the characteristics of gold are compiled, but they have already been changed imperceptibly for people. If gold is used for technical purposes, that is, a bundle of octaves 31 ÷ 53, then such gold will have a constant pumping. The combination of bundles makes it possible to obtain a certain purpose use, which makes it a UNIVERSAL TECHNICAL MATERIAL, but not more than that. Due to the fact that this "gold component" practically does not work, and this is dramatically affects the GENERAL CONDITION OF WOMEN, and especially regarding their health. In order to compensate for the imbalance that has occurred, it is advisable to change the gold "jewelry" that is in contact with the body, for silver or just take off, which for many women (and not only) is "like the kiss of death"! 

Silver has the grid structure close to that of the Human Brain. The atomic block of silver has different directions of the tetrahedron axes, therefore silver CANNOT enter biological structures in its original form — it is always necessary a pair (dumbbell). Silver is present both in seawater and in every cubic meter of land; the spectrum of silver has a simple shape (along energy lines of the same density), and the contour of these lines is the continent of South America. There, in the center, is the world's largest silver deposit. Small forms are scattered throughout the land. 

Silver has a number of wonderful properties. The first and most important thing in our perception — as an element capable of withstanding energy pumping up to 139 % at octave 41, is a marker in medicine. Silver frequency interacts in the most active way not with the Moon, but DIRECTLY WITH THE LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM. Diamonds play a special role. Of 100 % of diabetics, 75 % are women. Of 100 % of patients with hemophilia, 100 % are women (all women are лЮди). Men have hemophilia, but DO NOT HAVE offspring. Women with hemophilia have offspring who inherit everything. If diabetes is NOT INHERITED, then hemophilia IS INHERITED. It is impossible to solve the problem of non-coagulation of blood (the property of an erythrocyte not to change its shape after the loss of the control impulse) without knowledge of blood. Medicine has been examining blood for more than 500 years, but IS NOT ABLE to answer the simplest question — how an erythrocyte with a diameter of 7-8 microns is placed in a blood vessel with a diameter of 1 micron. Therefore, improvised means are used.

In A. Khatybov’s article "Diamonds. Properties and quality", a detailed assessment was given for all types of diamonds — both in terms of mining locations and in terms of color. But so far this article is not public. This could destroy the Public Company "Alrosa" as another "national property". 

The atmosphere Brain scans the state of the patient with hemophilia and makes a selection of diamonds, which have homeopathic property of removing the charge from the structure of the erythrocyte. There are, of course, other ways to restore the properties of the erythrocyte, but for this a cubic grid should be removed or one could have a chance to get into the "golden million".  

6. And of course — about children

As for the information on the process of giving birth to children, or, to be more precise, the "birth of the Brain of the Spirit" (which, in my opinion, is more meaningful for understanding this subject), today this can be very painful for the young, who make families — Some of them have already difficulties and even tragedies in this matter. Since 2013, the new Control System has already made A LOT OF CHANGES of the governing nature, which imparted more control to childbirth. This process is going on today, so those who had problems in this matter now have a good chance to solve them. Pay attention to the fact that a lot of “problem” children are born today (an increasing number), but the Ministry of Health is hiding this truth. But the fact remains, so there must be given personal attention to every child born today. It is necessary not to fight for children, but to fight for every individual child despite everything! The society of people WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED BY HUMANITY if this society is not able to create their Images in a more perfect form and quality. There are many who really understand now that you cannot be of a pure heart if you have directed all your thoughts for the sake of gaining earthly blessings for yourself by infringing on the rights of others who are equal to you, especially by achieving your goal by violence and other vices. These people have already had problems with the birth of children and not only.

Nowadays the birth of children has nothing to do with the previous program processes due to their destruction. Therefore, all the thoughts and questions regarding the Brain genotype of children being born have no sense. THERE IS NO LONGER any judgment about their belonging to any Brain genotypes. Another thing is what level of octave is gifted to their BrainThis is how the question should sound. But it is too early to answer it. People are not yet ready to take the Knowledge of this kind and use it for "Good", so let it be not public information for the time being.  

With regard to children who are provided with some kind of support — you should not worry about that. On the contrary, you should demand from the so-called "ruling elite" more widespread provision of such support, since the processes of changing the surrounding reality are so intense that the adaptation of the natural character is insufficient. For this reason, most often children are now born with a rather light weight. And since this subject is touched upon, it should be noted that in the near future the highest form of the deserved encouragement, as recognition for one's gained perfection, will be the right to create one's own likeness, i.e., the birth of children! In my opinion, it cannot be otherwise. And, which is typical and relevant today, there is no one and nowhere to give bribes.

And on the eve of the Spring Festival, which we are all so anxious to see and which is not that far, I want to finish on an optimistic note, focusing on the fact that everything written above is in the past! But in order to understand the ongoing — you must know!

The time of radical transformations is not far off, but so far Man is clearly smarter, and Woman is more beautiful (but that is just my opinion). So that women could catch up with men in intelligence, it is enough to remove the pressure of old stereotypes from them. I'm not saying that as soon as the pressure removed, women will immediately become smarter. The accumulated for thousands of years WILL NOT CHANGE in a year or two or three. Inertia will be reminding about itself for a long time. But the changes that have been taking place manifest themselves to the fullest much sooner than we have time to comprehend them.

NASA recently completed the experiment with twins, in which one was in space on the ISS for almost a year and the other on the Earth. As a result, the twins' genes began to differ by 7 %. If DNA changed in one year, one can only imagine how much it would have changed over the decades since the beginning of the restoration of everything and everybody, at least within the framework of the human life support system. In my opinion, this is exactly the period WE NEED TO CHANGE WOMEN. For men to catch up with women in beauty (not feminine, beauty is various, from mathematical formulas and industrial design to stars and ideas), not only in genetics there must be a global leap. But obviously not tomorrow it will reach the level when people can shape the features of their body, face and image as a whole as they please. THERE IS A REASON TO BELIEVE that women will become smart equal to men before men have the chance to be so handsome that it becomes their spice. 

The first foreseeable future: all people are equal intellectually and creatively. Not in the sense that all of them become Einsteins or Mozarts, but in the sense that there is no gender inequality, limitations and the like (today, because of this inequality, the rules of chess tournaments, for example, do not allow men to take part in women's tournaments, while women can take part in men's tournaments).

At this stage of evolution, everyone will be equal in intelligence, and women will be ahead in beauty. And there is no doubt about it. 

Humanity will be of two groups: one is smart (men), and the other is smart plus beautiful (women). All other things being equal, the second group of people will be higher than the first. So the last will become the first — women will become of higher level than men.

But there is also NO DOUBT that one day men will catch up with women in beauty, and everyone will become equal. In the meantime, this process, which is under way, in spite of everything, is hindered by the religious commandments, renamed into ethics, morality and virtue, by all those who I have already listed. It is only the question of time when these atavisms will disappear, like a monkey's tail. They will disappear, and rather quickly, due to the processes going on before our eyes. Then we, the Adams, and they — "Control Systems" will become Humans! Then this holiday, the Spring Festival, which we all celebrate together today, will become a full-fledged holiday for Humans in all its beauty and significance. 

1 Бытиё (1:26-27).

2 The fact that there were two first women is mentioned in the mythologies of various peoples. One of the oldest literary monuments in the history of mankind, the epic "On Gilgamesh", written in Sumer about four thousand years ago, first mentions the name Lilith. There she appears in the form of the first demon woman who lived in the hollow of a divine tree. Lilith is a night demoness of the Babylonian pantheon in Sumerian-Akkadian mythology. The ancients in Mesopotamia believed that Lilith drank blood from children at night, and also seduced and tortured sleeping men.

3 "Lilith" is a painting by John Collier, created in 1892. The first wife of Adam, according to Kabalistic mythology, is a seductive and freedom-loving woman who was not pleased to either the God who created her or her spouse.

4 Ebres are the evolution of the protein mind. It has a limit. They have fulfilled their function and must then be disposed of.5 The existence of prostitutes in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia was first documented in the Codex of Hammurabi, dating back to the 18th century. BC., in which, on the basis of laws, the property rights of women, including women prostitutes, are protected. Although prostitution was prohibited under Jewish law, it was common in ancient Israel. Mention of prostitutes ("harlots") is found in the Old Testament — the harlot Rahab from Jericho II millennium BC.

6 Meton of Athens (about 460 BC — the year of death is unknown) was an ancient Greek astronomer, mathematician and engineer. In 433 BC. he. proposed the so-called Metonic cycle, which is the basis of the Greek lunisolar calendar. The Metonic cycle is a period of time equal to 19 tropical solar years, or 235 synodic months, or 6940 days.

7 A phantom (fr. Fantome — a ghost) is an image of something from the past (human soul, being, object). Examples include "ghost trains" and "ghost ships" (for example, the Flying Dutchman).

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