006_369 HERE COMES ... 2021

Written by Feodor Shkrudnev

At this moment, the moment of the New Year 2021 approaching — all our dreams and our hopes are closely intertwined with the past, present and the coming, as I expect, NOT THAT SIMPLE for all of us, 2021. But we are not going to be afraid of anything and in our dreams and considerations we will concentrate on the fact that EVERYTHING HAPPENING is the process of changing our entire life, the process of transformations that will undoubtedly bring us to an absolutely new world order, to wholly new concepts of our purpose on this Earth and, no doubt, — to the comprehension of not yet known. 

In these minutes of the coming New Year should we recall the year 2020 we lived through? Of course, we should! Because all of us have done a great job — no matter how anyone feels about it! The work of EXPLAINING TO PEOPLE the ongoing events, the work on providing help and support in this most difficult time, in any form — even seemingly little. And let someone consider it pompous — but we are laying the foundation for a NEW WORLD VIEW and new thinking in those who accept everything that we do for them and do it completely unselfishly. I have no doubt that many of us, summing up the results of the outgoing year, find two really DREAD FACTORS of 2020: the first one is coronavirus, about which no one has yet given an intelligible explanation, — but the second one is even worse, — “mismanagement”1: powerlessness of policymakers in controlling the Earth population’s consciousness and behavior. The politics has turned into the subject of jokes, satire, mockery, and even contempt. Although politicians work, they pass thousands of laws — good and bad — trying to balance consumption and resources, money supply and goods, freedom and responsibilities — but the laws are NOT COMPLIED WITH. And this is despite the fact that a whole army of specialists in MANIPULATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS and human behavior serves the functioning of the system of the current world order. The size of this “army of consciousness manipulation specialists” is comparable to the number of people employed in the real economy. This army is made up of economists, psychologists, sociologists, judges, lawyers, journalists, writers, filmmakers, artists, MPs, government officials, police and many others. All of them are “specialists” in working with consciousness using the methods of their profession. They have in their hands the tools for influencing consciousness and behavior: education, media, TV, social networks, art, literature, advertising, prisons! But the army of specialists, no less in number, invents ways of IGNORING THE LAWS creating their own illegitimate “pseudo-world order”. You yourself have seen that even in the face of mortal danger during the pandemic, many people HAVE NOT BEEN OBSERVING the “mandatory” rules of life under the conditions of “self-isolation” imposed on them. The mismanagement in the life support of society has become a global problem today, and its reason goes far beyond the framework of any state. They, those who have considered themselves to be “rulers”, are the victims of the same mistake in the system of the world order, or more precisely, in the lack of understanding of the ongoing changes against their desires and their will. 

There have always been rulers and those who have been ruled by. There have always been those who imposed their will on others enjoying the fruits of their omnipotence. The instinct for power is very strong. We see this today, many people began to see and understand it. The struggle for power, for domination has accompanied humanity throughout its history, becoming more and more cruel and sophisticated over time. 

The instinct for power was the most powerful engine of progress within the Old Control System. Without it, the WORLD in which we live now would be IMPOSSIBLE. The struggle for power has forced the Mind to work creatively, find more and more new ways to surpass rivals, become more powerful and richer and, ultimately, destroy or enslave competitors. This is true both for the struggle between individuals and for the struggle between states, where politics is controlled by specific people (and neither the people nor society, as the media convince us). The struggle for power was, and now, within the framework of the ongoing changes, remains a deadly dangerous game, and the price for defeat is very high. The loser risks losing everything: power, property, family, freedom, life. This is the end of all dreams and plans, and almost certainly ends up in incredible torment and death. 

There are few who are mentally prepared for this struggle, which are ready to go to the end. People just prefer dreaming of power and the opportunities it opens up. The mainstream of people is mortally afraid of trying to become what they are dreaming of. But they are not to blame for this — these are the “residual phenomena” in the framework of the current transformations. Hence the first conclusion related to our time: we TRY TO MAKE analytical conclusions and forecasts, NEITHER UNDERSTANDING NOR COMPREHENDING our time and world as such. We do not know the laws of our world development, but we are trying to predict the results of this development. This is called inertia of thinking, when, for example, a ruined count in the rickety outbuilding of the remortgaged estate, talks about a new war with Turkey. Everything seems to be logical, but how far it is from reality... And this insanity of people, which, many relate to the pandemic!? And the insanity of the “rulers”, their utterly inadequate actions, clear to everyone, — is it inertia of thinking? This is not insanity, you have to learn how to correctly formulate and identify the ongoing. This is a REBELLIOUS CONSCIOUSNESS. And this is an objective process, because Mind and Consciousness are constructively alike. The difference is that the construction of Consciousness is only for the period of this life for each Man, and the following life creates a NEW STRUCTURE of Consciousness. We forget that Consciousness is just a surface, only the vanguard of our psychic existence. The head is only one end, and following it, the vanguard of consciousness is a long line of hesitation, weakness, complexes, prejudices and inherited qualities. We almost always make decisions without considering the factors of the past. And sometimes, because of this, we “run off the track”. But the Mind is formed once for all, and it is not formed by anyone else, and goes for the information saturation. And IT is saturated with the SO-CALLED INFORMPOLIMER. Formation, replenishment of each element of Man’s Consciousness is a fragment of inform — polymer — an inform-polymer of the Mind. But there is also a Human Mentality2, which is an integral part of the Mind. It is the Mentality[3] that controls the political behavior of people in critical situations. Not their Consciousness, but Mentality. A rebellious consciousness for some people is a walking fainting, it is also insanity, you can call it whatever you like, but in reality, it is a rebellious Consciousness, this is something that does not depend on people at all. It is a SYSTEM PROCESS of a certain category of people of a certain genotype — 4xxx. They are losing the energy-information support of the Brain functions. There is no more support. The Brain functions are being transformed. These people perceive everything around them incorrectly; react aggressively to any actions of their peers. They begin to have some animal urges, for example, the URGE TO KILL.

Try to analyze the conflicts that have arisen and the ways they were resolved beginning with the events initiated in the Ukraine to the present day. The minds of the bulk of people also revolt. And this process is related to the specific geography of people’s residence. It is different in its manifestations from one geographical place to another. What is happening in England is different from the events in Turkey, and what is happening in Belarus is different from what is happening in Moldova. And all this is approaching the territory of Russia. Recently, we have all witnessed the manifestation of REBELLIOUS elements of CONSCIOUSNESS on the territory of Belarus. What is there — are all of them getting crazy? A certain madam who boasted that she could only fry cutlets — raised the whole of Belarus to rebel? This is a revolt of the consciousness of people, ordinary people. Even if A. Lukashenko wanted to force everyone to revolt, he would NOT BE ABLE. This is a limited energy-information support of the Brain's functions has triggered. Certain genotypes reveal themselves, react to it. And it is impossible to cope with this by any police measures — practically impossible. Their physical elimination is impossible and will not work. This will pass on and is already passing on for those who have undergone it. New, different energy-information support is being formed for the people of this territory. THE REPLACEMENT HAS ALREADY STARTED — a systemic energy-information revival of this territory. From a certain moment, such changes will end, people will calm down and forget the events of this process, which, no matter what emotions or associations it evokes, are aimed only at creation, and not destruction, as it used to happen in the history. 

Now, before our eyes, there is a process of changing one structure of the controlled organized being, which was built on the basis of parasitism and violence, to another structure that is TO DESTROY PARASITISM AND VIOLENCE. All the talk, and especially of "those in power" about some kind of transit of power, preparation for this "transit" and other moments of the "transition of power" is all hot air anyway. What kind of power transit are we talking about? The change of structures with the occurrence of new elements is being realized. And what is most important, — NO active participation of people IS OBSERVED. This is the main peculiarity. We should see and feel that everything is being done in a different way now, not that usual and familiar revolutionary way from the lessons of history. And "hurray, we approve, slogans, red banners, barricades" are not necessary. Instead, for example, there are shopping and entertainment centers. You entered one center without understanding, you left it — and — another world. 

There will not be any problems and transit of power — nothing similar from the inflamed brain of the current so-called opposition “elite”, which screams at every corner of the “insanity of the leadership”. We do not have and will not have “crazy leadership”. Everyone fulfills their role. As an example — look at D. Trump. I would have awarded him twice, instead of some other “heroes” of Russia, with a hero of Russia. He “has rambled” all over America so much within this short period of time that we couldn’t have done for all of America with bombs and missiles. Is he — ours? NO. HE IS THEIRS. He is performing that function of his own, which harmoniously fits the RESTORATION CHANGES OF ELEMENTS of the new structure of the controlled organized being. Everything is going great, — look how well the process of eliminating the American way of life, the Triune fascism3 is going on. The process of its liquidation is under way. Did this process begin in America? No, it started on the territory of the Ukraine — THANKS TO AMERICA'S PARTICIPATION. America will not leave this territory UNTIL this process on the territory of the Ukraine is completed as the Programmed. And NOBODY WILL GET OUTneither Germany, nor France, and even China — will not come out. China is in Donbass. They, the Chinese, bought up a great amount of territories. And by this, they are already taking an invisible part in the Programmed process — the elimination of all three civilization ways of life. The American civilization way of life is there. The Chinese expansion is there. The Muslim way of life is thereThis is the Ukraine.

These three civilization ways of life with their own interests were to collide on the territory of Russia. However, due to a certain development of events in Russia, the processes were territorially transferred to the Ukraine. And we saw it all with our own eyes. But there were few people who realized this, let alone made the conclusion that in the Ukraine there is one scale, a limited one, but in Russia it would be tenfold. The expediency of the deed is already obvious. There is liquidation of three civilization ways of life of the OLD ORGANIZATIONAI STRUCTURE OF BEING. And all this — in the small Ukraine. A “small piece of rock from the Ukraine, rolling down from the top of the mountain, forms an avalanche that spreads all over the world. The question arises — what does the Ukraine have to do with it? Is the civilization way of life being liquidated because of the Ukraine? No, not because of the Ukraine, but in the Ukraine the process GOT its START. The start was a colossal success. Has the elimination of the Muslim way of life started? Yes, it has. Look through the information on the internet and TV. When did the problems begin and go on in Syria? After the Ukraine. And in China? — After the Ukraine. And in America? — After the Ukraine, and in the European Union? — After the Ukraine. And now put it all together — until everything is settled down — NO ONE IS ABLE TO “put things in order”. In the Ukraine, you can line up thousands of V. Zelenskii with the interval of one and a half meters — in a social distance — no one can do anything until the Program is over. And it is being implemented properly. And I hope that after reading this on the eve of the New Year, the reader will also understand it and makes conclusions for himself.

New political reality — dismantling of globalization

(Yuryev A.I., 2018)

NEW POLITICAL REALITYDigital civilization is a unified system of the control for any activity and  work of everyone and everythingDigital culture is a unified system of the control for  the past, present and future information
Science is a unified technical basis for digital control and behavior manipulation in all spheres- Unexpected - innovations are not at all what they were expected to be.(Total production shutdown, movement of people, goods; hereinafter — information and money. Mass unemployment).- Consciousness of the subject: knowledge about his role and place in the social process is devalued.- The will to live is modified by the introduction of total external control and guiding of any activity and work.- Practical Intelligence (PQ).(It is impossible to find one’s own  work environment using your experience and knowledge)- The subject, deprived of the possibility for self-regulation, turns into a Serviceman (controlled).- An individual who loses the need for self-regulation is ready to turn into a Cyborg.- Unusual - there are no ready “good” answers for innovations.(Total information control in personal communication, in print, electronic, television communications).- Consciousness of individuality: Understandings of the purpose of behavior and development plans disappear.- The purpose of life is modified by distorting the picture of the world in the systems of education, science, culture, media, TV, IT.- Academic intelligence (IQ).(There is no access to understanding higher, abstract-logical operations).- Individuality, deprived of the possibility for self-education, turns from a creator into a consumer of competencies.
Religion is the struggle with the introduction of the system of digital dogmatism instead of religious dogmas.- Unexpectedness — innovations happen exactly when they are not expected.(The peacetime policy is carried out by methods of wartime: passes, ban on going out, patrols, checkpoints, video surveillance of people and cars).- Consciousness of an individual - loses connection with his mentality, that is, with the "eternal truths of being" - dogmas about the purpose of human existence.- The purpose of life is being modified by reducing contacts based on love and increasing the mass of contacts based on threats and punishments.- Emotional Intelligence (EQ).- The ability to realize the meaning of their emotions and the ability to use them in relationships with other people is lost.- Unacceptable  innovations in politics seem unnatural.(The policy is not justified either legally or by common sense and looks illegal: the parties, the State Duma are removed from the process).- Personality Consciousness — loses touch with reality and the ability to act rationally.- The values of life are modified by their weakening, to reduce the resistance of the Personality to radical changes.- Social intelligence (SQ).- The ability to understand the behavior of people and the ability to interact with them personally is disappearing.- The personality losing self-control turns into a mass network man

 A new reality is already on the doorstep of our homes, it looks into our windows, but not like a shy traveler who timidly asks to let him stay for the night — it will come to the house of each of us as a master, forever establishing new rules, eliminating the rebellious and enslaving everyone else... 

The project of a “new man” is growing before our eyes in the course of the radical change in the norms of his behavior, which on the threshold of 2021 seemed unacceptable, impossible, incredible, and unrealistic. The most fundamental indicators of man and humanity, formulated by world religions for two thousand years, are rejected and replaced by new ones under the cover of a smokescreen of hybrid wars, economic crises, and interstate conflicts. Exactly the indicators of a human that are the goal, means and result of politics: what is meant by a human completely depends on what a new civilization will be like. Therefore, some psychological INDICATORS OF A HUMAN are excluded from everyday scientific circulation, new ones are included instead. These involuntary replacements lead to the fact that some extremely important human qualities are not observed, or registered, or evaluated, because the concepts defining them have already been removed from scientific and everyday life. Thinking people and politicians of different generations, countries and political views speak different languages, perceive Man and the world differently, and think differently. The correctness of their hypothesis, controversial for many, is confirmed by the fact that they really often “do not see” some of the human features that are already manifested in many people. It is known that in order to see some feature, there must be a concept that defines it, and if there is no concept, there is no feature. To start, at least in the first approximation, to see Humans in people, not scientifically and not politically, — to see and understand a Person — you need the entire psychological vocabulary accumulated by humanity, and not just the “ideologically acceptable” part, which is so primitively used by today's “rulers” and their squad of “creative advisors” in all spheres. Such thoughts are suggested today by the works of N. Levashov, A. Khatybov, and B. Makov, and my own experience. 

Many people did not expect themselves to see such changes in their personal life. It seems to them as if their childhood passed in one world, and they live now in a completely different world of different people. TO BECOME A HUMAN AND BE A HUMAN is very difficult. A human is not the one who knows how to become him, but the one who actually does actions that make him a Human. Now few people know that a Human has only four features.

The first feature of a Human is his ability to love other people (to wish them well as to oneself), to love his Motherland, profession, etc. In the lack of love, fear takes possession of Man, which is replaced with hatred, and it turns him into an animal. His life loses its sense. 

The second feature of a Human is the ability to give people their confidence in life, when it seems that everything has come to its end. Being confident in life values which are beyond a human, makes him necessary for people, and such a Human will never be alone. Only people with faith become personalities. The insecure, doubting, at least, will be lonely and useless. 

The third feature of a Human is the ability to inspire hope in other people in the situation of uncertainty. The source of Man's hope is such a clear and bright picture of the world that allows him not only to set goals of life unmistakably, but also to “pave the way” of movement towards this goal for himself and for others.

And the fourth feature of a Human is the ability to work, to create use value — something without which people cannot live. A Human is the one who feeds, warms, protects, calms, and teaches other people when they cannot do it themselves. A Human is capable of work in case he can overcome some negative state that arises in him in the process of spending his energy: fatigue, tension, stress, monotony. Only then do people become Humans when they grow up so that they begin to really feed, heal, warm, help and be compassionate when someone is in need. But we should not forget ABOUT “HUMANITY” — this is, strictly speaking, an independent moral, ethical, aesthetic behavior of humans based on: first, self-control (of the individual); the second is self-regulation (of an individual); the third is self-government (of an individual); and the fourth is — self-education (of an individual. These functions are provided “from within” by one’s mentality, without any persuasion of any external force. It is “humanity” that still preserves the socio-economic stability on the planet to this day.

I really hope that everyone who is reading this will strive to become a creative Human as well. A creative human, in the moments of thinking over some subject of interest, rarely adheres to any one strategy. Yet one of the forms of his thinking prevails over all the others for a long period of time. Of course, the type of thinking depends on the specific subject of research, the type of occupation, the quality of education received, the surrounding intellectual environment, inner convictions, chosen ideals, and the values prevailing in the current society. However, analyzing the works of the outstanding Russian scientists I have mentioned and my personal experience allow me to say with a great degree of confidence that the gradation of knowledge accumulated by mankind into individual sciences, disciplines, doctrines and methods is largely determined not by various spheres of application of knowledge and not the sources of its appearance, but by the SUBJECTIVE MANNER OF THINKING. 

Carefully examining the forms of information presentation, which can grow into knowledge, we can see what a great role in the worldview of a Human his own nature can play. Comprehension and cognition of this will repeatedly strengthen the urge to become a Human, and this will be the greatest triumph for all of us, but it will also be an INCREDIBLY SEVERE TEST — our common test for the possibility of integration into the future. And against this background, the work that is done by all of us — like-minded people and associates — becomes invaluable precisely for people and for the benefit of people. Nicolai Levashov did not have to look into someone's mouth. Everyone looked into the mouth of N. Levashov. Take this formula for inspiration in 2021.

Well! I wanted to briefly congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year 2021, but I could not help but write what I was thinking about on the eve of it. 

New Year is always a hope for something good, it is dreams of happiness — of happiness and health for oneself and one’s family and friends. This is an anxious expectation that the coming year WILL CERTAINLY BE BETTER than the previous one, and all troubles, disappointments and sorrows will remain in the past. It is on New Year's Eve, more than ever, that we want to believe that all the most secret and crazy desires will definitely come true. Be happy! Be Happy comprehending the world around you and everything ongoing. IN A DIFFERENT WAY! IN YOUR OWN WAY! BUT BE SURE TO BE! 

1 The term was introduced by D. I. Mendeleev

.2 I will tell you about what mentality is, its role and historical significance in the destinies of people and states, in the following articles, as a separate study within the framework of cognition of the Human Mind

.3 Triune fascism, namely: financial, administrative-bureaucratic and national-demographic.

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